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Government and Politics A Level at Monks' Dyke Tennyson College

Course description

History fires students' curiosity and imagination, moving and inspiring them with the dilemmas, choices and beliefs of people in the past. It helps students to develop their own identities through an understanding of history at personal, local, national and international levels.

It helps them to ask and answer questions of the present by engaging with the past. Students find out about the history of their community, Britain, Europe and the world; developing a chronological overview that enables them to make connections within and across different periods and societies.

Course content

We follow a course that studies the Government and Contemporary Politics of the United Kingdom and the United States of America and makes comparisons between the two similar yet different political systems. Students study the Politics, People and Participation in the UK and Modern British Government and the Politics of the USA and the Government of the USA. Students are expected to carry out further reading and independent research to develop further their understanding of the topic.

Students are also required to supplement this research by keeping up to date with the news and current affairs, using newspapers, television, radio and the internet to produce a journal crossreferenced to the topics of the course. An open mind and willingness to question will enhance the learning experience.

Entry requirements

Students entering the Form who have not attained grade C or above in GCSE English or Mathematics will be required to re-take those subjects in Year 12 to acquire the C or above result.

Future opportunities

The course develops many skills: analysis, interpretation, communication and the ability to express an opinion confidently. These skills are applicable to further study at degree level in any Humanities or Social Science course and in employment.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Monks' Dyke Tennyson College directly.

Last updated date: 22 February 2017

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