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Music A Level at Community School

Course description

Music is an art; Music is a science; Music is a social skill; the study of Music aids the intellectual and emotional development of the whole person. A level Music enables students to build on established musical strengths and interests and to foster a greater understanding of music over a broad timescale.

Course content

You will study
- a wide range of music in its historical and cultural contexts.
- the elements of melody, harmony and counterpoint within a variety of traditional styles and the ways in which these can be applied to your own original compositions.
- musical interpretation and instrumental techniques in relation to performing

AS Level
- Unit 1 – Appraising Music – listening, analysis and contextual understanding paper (40% of AS mark).
- Unit 2 - Performing - You will create a 6 minute solo and/or ensemble performance as an instrumentalist and/or vocalist (30%).
- Unit 3 - Composing - Coursework. Compose two pieces, lasting a minimum of four and a half minutes in total: one to a brief provided by the exam board, and one as a free composition. Worth 25 marks each (30%).

A Level
- Unit 1 - Appraising Music – as above but to a higher standard (40% of A-Level mark).
- Unit 2 - Performing – as above but 10 minutes long (35%).
- Unit 3 - Advanced Composition - as above but to a higher standard (25%).

Entry requirements

You must have EITHER
- GCSE Music (A*-B) and be at least Grade 6 standard on an instrument by the end of the course OR
- Without GCSE Music, you must be at least Grade 6 standard on an instrument at the start of the course and have a very good knowledge of music theory.
- It is essential that all candidates are also able to play an instrument and to read and write music with ease before they begin the course

Future opportunities

The disciplines involved in A Level music provide a firm foundation for candidates to choose variety of pathways according to their needs. This could be within the music industry, further study or for personal interest. A level Music also enables access to most other courses (both Arts AND Sciences) in Higher Education and employment.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Community School directly.

Last updated date: 17 May 2017

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