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Geography is regarded as an excellent subject for a wide variety of jobs and careers. These include those with an obvious geographical connection such as meteorology, cartography and planning, as well as transport, agriculture, tourism and the armed forces. It is inevitable that some aspects of the subject will be used throughout life. One might need maps, for example, when planning a journey or thinking about a holiday. As well as developing the normal learning skills, Geography is concerned with the collation, processing and analysis of data. It is often these skills which make many employers interested in a qualification in Geography. The GCSE course develops naturally from the work of the first three years in school, allowing pupils to acquire new skills and values whilst building upon those already learnt in Key Stage 3. The GCSE course provides a firm foundation for the AS and A2 levels offered in the Sixth Form. The GCSE syllabus currently being delivered is the OCR Syllabus A. This syllabus is concerned with the interaction of people in a variety of environments and includes: People and the Physical World (Coasts, Rivers, Plate Tectonics), People and Places to Live (Population, Settlement), People and their Needs (Quality of Life, Economic Activities, Energy), People and the Environment (Resources Management and The Global Environment). An integral part of any GCSE course is a fieldwork - based project. Pupils will be offered a half day fieldcourse during the summer term of Year 10. Currently, GCSE Geography pupils visit Walsall to study urban land use. There will also be an opportunity during Year 11 for pupils to experience a 3 day residential visit studying coasts in Pembrokeshire

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Last updated date: 20 May 2014
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