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Psychology As A2 at Ashlawn School

Course description

Course Content AS

You will learn about five major approaches to psychology in the AS course. In each one you will discover a key topic of research, learn about important studies related to that topic, and find out how research is conducted in that area of psychology. Social Psychology investigates how our behaviour changes because of the way we relate to people around us. You will study what makes people obey orders, even when the orders are known to be wrong and what makes people conform to a group. In Cognitive Psychology you will study memory, how it is created and how it is organised and why people forget. Within Individual Differences you will study mental health and disorder and how mental illness can be treated.. In the Biological Approach you will learn about the causes of stress and ways of treating this. In Developmental Psychology you will look at early childhood and how this impacts on future growth and development into adulthood. In addition you will also study all aspects of Research Methods – how to design and carry out effective research and interpretation of results.


Course Content - A2

The A2 course gives you an opportunity to study some uses of psychology in the real world. You will discover how the Approaches you have learned about come together to explain human behaviour. In all areas, you will be encouraged to use recent evidence from events in the news. In the final unit all the material you have covered is drawn together to develop an overview of the subject including a further focus on Research Methods. You will study mental health and disorder in greater depth, building on the knowledge and understanding from AS and look at Psychology in Action in the real world – how we can apply theory to everyday life and situations.


Assessment:   The course is assessed through four Unit examinations, two for the AS units and

two for the A2 units. All the AS units contain some Short Answer Questions and some Extended

Writing.  The A2 Units focus more on essay responses.  THERE IS NO COURSEWORK.


Career Opportunities: Psychology i a very useful subject for any career where you interact with people. Occupations such as journalism, nursing and marketing all welcome trainees who have studied psychology. Careers in Psychology include Clinical Psychology, Occupational Psychology, Educational Psychology, Forensic Psychology and Counselling.


Entry Requirements: GCSE Grade B in English or Psychology AND Grade B in Maths or Science.



How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Ashlawn School directly.

Last updated date: 20 May 2014
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  • Start date: Next September