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A Level Biology at Wadebridge School

Course description

AS Level

Unit 1 – Biology and Disease 
33% AS Mark, 16% total A2
Disease and Immunity
The Digestive System
Cell Structure
Lungs and Disease
Heart, Circulation and Disease

Unit 2 – The Variety of Living Organisms 
46% AS Mark, 23% total A2
Exchange and Transport Systems
Classification and Species Diversity

Unit 3 – Investigative and Practical Skills 
20% AS Mark, 10% total A2
You will carry out a practical experiment and answer a written test.

A2 Level

Unit 4 – Populations and Environment 1
6% total A2
Photosynthesis and Respiration
Energy flows and food production
Ecosystems and Populations

Unit 5 – Control in Cells and Organisms 
23% total A2
Further Genetics
Gene technology
Sensitivity and Coordination
Nerves and Muscles

Unit 6 – Investigative and Practical Skills 
10% total A2
You will carry out a practical experiment, apply statistical test to analyze the data, and answer a written test.

Entry requirements

Students are required to achieve:
Grade B or above in at least 2 of the Separate Science GCSEs OR Grade B or above in both Core and Additional Science GCSEs.

In addition to these Science GCSEs you also need Grade B or above in a Maths GCSE


  • Class discussion
  • Note taking
  • Practical activities
  • Group work on presentations
  • Independent research
  • Practice exam questions
  • Standardized internal assessment ISA
  • Field work

Future opportunities

If you are considering applying to university to study biology, zoology, ecology, animal science, marine biology, life sciences, medicine, environmental     science, forensic science or any other subject related to the natural world, then A-level Biology is essential.  Possible career choices that require A-level Biology include: biological testing, biotechnology, independent research, food industry jobs, nutrition, medicine, doctor, nurse, veterinarian, zoologist, zookeeper, animal care, veterinary nurse, scientist, amongst a huge range of others.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Wadebridge School directly.

Last updated date: 20 April 2015

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