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Physics A Level at Upton Court Grammar School

Course description

Throughout their study of Physics at this level, you will develop your knowledge and understanding of what it means to work scientifically. You will also develop your competence in manipulating quantities and their units, including making estimates. You will gain experience of a wide variety of practical work that gives you the opportunities to develop your practical and investigative skills by planning, carrying out and evaluating experiments. Through studying a range of examples, contexts and applications of Physics, you will become increasingly knowledgeable of the ways in which the scientific community and society as a whole use scientific ideas and methods, and how the professional scientific community functions.

Course content

The theoretical work is supported by a wide range of core practicals throughout the course, these will be recorded in the lab books and form a record of the work done. This will be assessed by the teachers to ensure all students have met and understood all the core skills needed to succeed in the paper 3 exam in A2 and will also be submitted to form part of the evidence for the students’ attainment. In Year 12 we will build on the Physics you learned at GCSE and also bring in new aspects you will not yet have met. We study mechanics; electrical circuits; materials; waves and particle nature of light and develop your mathematical analysis skills. In year 12 we visit Thorpe Park to look at the Physics of theme park rides as this is closely linked to the work on mechanics. In Year 13 we will develop the Year 12 themes further for example we study further mechanics. New topics will also be introduced: Nuclear and Particle Physics; Nuclear Radiation; Thermodynamics; Space and Gravitational Fields; Oscillations.


We follow the Edexcel specification. The examinations are: Advanced Physics I; Advanced Physics II and Paper 3 General and Practical Principles in Physics. This third exam in A2 may draw on any of the topics in the specification. It will include synoptic questions that may draw on two or more different topics and will include questions that assess conceptual and theoretical understanding of experimental methods (indirect practical skills) that will draw on students’ experiences of the core practicals.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Upton Court Grammar School directly.

Last updated date: 08 September 2016

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