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Media Studies A Level at The Belvedere Academy 6th Form

Course description

Year 12

Unit 1- Investigating media

You will learn how to analyse media texts such as adverts, title sequences, film scenes, music videos and billboards.
This will be done through the study of 
  • film language (camera, editing, sound)
  • representations of people, places and events
  • institutions and the methods of creating and promoting media texts
  • and audiences and the ways in which they consume and create media texts

You will also complete a case study on a media text of your choice, researching and applying your knowledge of how media is created and consumed by audiences.

Unit 2 - Creating Media

You will create moving image, print and e-media texts in response to a brief of your choosing.

This task involves skills such as

  • photography
  • print design
  • camerawork
  • lighting
  • editing
  • scriptwriting
  • sound design

Past briefs have included music videos, TV opening sequences and lifestyle programming 

Year 13

Unit 3 - Critical Perspectives

You will study a wide range of media issues and debates, such as
  • democracy and the media
  • identity, gender and sexuality
  • the impact of digital media
  • politics and the media
  • the rise of social networks and post-modernism

Unit 4 - Research and Production

In this synoptic unit you will build on your skills from AS study to investigate a media theme/text in more depth and you will create a production piece reflecting this research.

The unit has two sections

  1. Critical Investigation
  2. Linked production piece

This is a chance for you to explore media analysis and production and work on something that interests you personally.   Projects in the past have included topics such as YouTubers, Reality TV, Video Game Marketing and Cinema .


Entry requirements

Five GCSEs A*-C with at least a C in English GCSE


Year 12
Unit 1 - Investigating Media
50% of AS
25% of whole A level 
An exam in which you will analyse a text and answer a question using your TV show case study.
Previous years have included the analysis of a seatbelt safety campaign, a Channel 4 promo for the Paralympics and an advert for Call of Duty
Unit 2 - Creating Media
50% of AS
25% of whole A Level 
Coursework is internally assessed and externally moderated
Year 13
Unit 3 - Critical Perspectives
50° of AS,  25% of whole A Level 
The examination includes the analysis of two media texts and long form answers to questions that assess student's wider knowledge of the media and its related issues and debates
Unit 4 - Research and Production
50% of A2, 25% of whole A Level
Coursework is Internally assessed and externally moderated 

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Belvedere Academy 6th Form directly.

Last updated date: 19 October 2016

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