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History AS/A Level at Brockenhurst College

Course description

The study of History helps us to understand and explain the past and, as such, is a fascinating subject in its own right. In addition, the skills that you acquire as an historian: the ability to think clearly; to weigh up arguments and to analyse problems are highly desirable in Higher Education and in employment.

History is a popular GCSE subject and AS/A level allows students to develop their enjoyment and understanding of major world events.

Course content

Students will study two examined units and an internally assessed investigation during the course of the two years.

  • The first examined unit considers the rise and fall of the British Empire from 1857 to 1967.
  • The second examined module focuses on the Cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union, from its inception in 1945 to its culmination in 1991.
  • The historical investigation, which is internally assessed but externally moderated will consider Anti-Semitism in Central Europe from 1789 to 1945 and focus upon the long and short term origins of the Final Solution.

Entry requirements

History is available to students who already have studied the subject up to GCSE whatever the specification, as well as students with no previous knowledge. Success in History requires a good standard of written work and we would expect students to have passed GCSE English at grade B or above.

Students also need to be motivated and capable of independent research and reading.


Units 1 and 2 are examined by two 2.5 hour exams. Each of these exams is worth 40% of the A Level.

The Historical Investigation comprises an essay of 3000 – 3500 words. It is internally assessed and externally moderated. The Historical Investigation is worth 20% of the A Level.

Financial information

Costs: You will need 4 textbooks over two years at a total cost of approximately £40 new and you will be able to participate in trips to enhance your wider knowledge of the periods investigated. 

This year we are offering a 3 day trip to Berlin and a conference in London for A2 students. 

AS students will have the opportunity of a day in London listening to Historians discussing the major debates in Chinese and/or American history.

Future opportunities

An  A Level  qualification   in  History  is  a  popular  and  highly  regarded   qualification   by  both   Higher Education establishments and employers. History students from Brockenhurst have gone on to a wide variety of degrees at University,  and  have gained  access to  a wide  variety  of  careers including  law,  marketing,  teaching,  media, journalism, politics and the retail trades.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Brockenhurst College directly.

Last updated date: 18 February 2016

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