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Textiles CTEC at St Andrew's Catholic School

Course description

Year 12

Unit 01: Art and design in context - The aim of this unit is that students understand key trends, movements and events in the context of a chosen art or design discipline and identify areas of personal interest. They will investigate artists and/or designers more specifically involved, and use this to develop an idea for a personal piece of creative work. They will also produce and review a final outcome, sample model or toile.

Unit 52: Textile design - Fashion relies on fabric and in today’s experimental world, the materials used by textile designers are changing every season. By completing this unit, students will be able to explore innovative and mixed media approaches to the design of surface decoration and pattern. They will be able to apply the skills they’ve learned and produce a final textile sample for a design brief.

Unit 54: Fashion illustration - The aim of this unit is to enable students to understand fashion illustration, including styles, influences, materials, processes and presentation techniques. They will be able to produce designs and present a portfolio of designs, for a fashion collection, in response to a brief.

Year 13

Unit 50: Fashion design - By completing this unit, students will understand fashion design, and the media, materials and techniques that are used in the production of fashion products. They will generate and develop design ideas for a fashion product, leading to the presentation of a final design idea and sample materials.

Unit 51: Fashion production - This unit provides students with an opportunity to understand the fashion production process. They will explore materials, techniques and processes used in the design, development and production of fashion items. They will explore presentation techniques for fashion items and will display or exhibit the item they produce

Unit 53: Up-cycling fashion products - In an industry that’s increasingly overproducing, little is being done to highlight how many fashion items we prematurely discard. What we throw away is often still useable, if adapted to a new context. The concept of up-cycling is a process of upgrading used material, making it more desirable and more unique than it was at the start. By completing this unit, students will experience this currently popular up-cycling trend in the fashion industry, and explore this area, creating their own ‘to-be-worn-again’ fashion item.

Entry requirements

B in Art or Textiles


Level 3 Cambridge Technical in Art and Design: This is a vocational course and it requires the students to remain on the course for two full years in order to gain a qualification.

One unit is mandatory and five units are offered as a Fashion Design Specialism.

The units are individually assessed internally then moderated by an external officer.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact St Andrew's Catholic School directly.

Last updated date: 06 June 2016
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