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Visual Arts IB at Bridgwater College

Course description

Visual Arts is available at Higher level or Standard level and is for students who are interested in expanding their knowledge and understanding of visual language through experimentation and development. It is suitable for creative thinkers who are excited by contemporary and modern art practices and have ambitious creative aims.

Course content

Visual Arts is designed for study at two levels, through two routes for both levels, option A and option B. Route A focuses on studio work while route B is focused on investigation work books, both routes contain an element of theory and practice. Standard level, in both routes, is for students generally interested in creativity, Higher Level is for those who could become specialists in using their creative and imaginative abilities.

In both levels and routes students will be introduced to art concepts and techniques through practical work in the studio. The structured learning will support students' abilities to express themselves meaningfully in the aesthetic qualities of visual arts, the relationship between form and meaning in visual arts and their social and cultural functions.

The main difference between the levels is that Higher Level students will spend more time on their pursuits and be expected to present greater depth than the Standard Level. Students can choose which route they will take once they have started the course.

Entry requirements

To study at Higher level students should have achieved a B or above in an Art GCSE, a grade C or above is needed for standard level. It will be helpful to present a portfolio of work that demonstrates artistic and creative ability in any form at interview.


The assessment in Visual Arts consists of an evaluation of each candidate's body of work as a whole. Both finished products, and the processes of artistic research and development, are assessed.

Higher Level
  • External Assessment Part A Studio Work 60% (Exhibition and Interview)
  • Internal assessment Part B Research Workbooks 40% (Internally assessed)
Standard Level
  • External Assessment Part A Studio Work 60% (Exhibition and Interview)
  • Internal assessment Part B Research Workbooks 40% (Internally assessed)

Future opportunities

The Visual Arts specialist student can continue to the ABC Foundation Diploma in Art and Design; a one year, pre-degree course, in which students build a strong portfolio of work for university level interview. For students continuing direct to university, an increased awareness of visual language will be beneficial for many subjects. This is for both closely related subjects such as History of Art, Architecture, Conservation, Media and Advertising as well as enriching all the Arts in the broadest content.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Bridgwater College directly.

Last updated date: 18 February 2016

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