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Health & Social Care at Brighouse High School

Course description

If you are interested in finding out about the Health Sector and you enjoy using the computers to complete coursework, this is an ideal course for you. 

As the majority of the qualification is assessed by coursework and controlled assessment it is ideal for students who prefer to do independent research and complete coursework portfolios.  The portfolios are scenario based and range from letter writing, creating leaflets, and producing formal reports. 

The grading is Pass, Merit, Distinction and Distinction*.

This course is suitable for BTEC or GCSE students who would like to further their understanding of the working practices of health and social care.  The topics we study will help you progress to a range of careers with children and adults with additional needs and also to higher education to study nursing, social work and therapist careers.


Course content

Single Award Course Content:

Unit 1 – Human Lifespan Development (Examination:  90 Guided Learning Hours, 1 ½ hour examination)

For this Unit you will explore the patterns of human development and health.  You will explore the impact of both predictable and unpredictable life events.  You will study the interaction between the physical and psychological factors of the ageing process, and how this affects confidence and self-esteem.

Unit 2 – Working in Health and Social Care (Examination:  120 Guided Learning Hours, 1 ½ hour examination)

This unit will help you will look at the range of roles and responsibilities of people who work in health and social care settings.  You will learn about working with people with specific needs, including ill health, learning disabilities, physical and sensory disabilities, and the needs of people who occupy different age categories.

Unit 6 – Meeting Individual Care and Support Needs (Coursework: 90 Guided Learning Hours)

Here you will learn about the values and principles of meeting care and support needs and look at some of the ethical issues that arise when personalising care.  You will also consider the importance of multi-agency working and examine the challenges that must be overcome to allow access to good quality care.

Unit 18 – Physiological Disorders and their Care (Coursework: 60 Guided Learning Hours)

If you have ever been ill then you will know how important it is to receive the right treatment and care in order to make a full recovery.  For assessment you will report on the signs and symptoms found in diagnosis and create a treatment plan for a service user with a specific physiological disorder.  This will include your knowledge of the use of surgery, rehabilitation and complementary therapies.


Double Award Course Content:

In addition to units 1, 2, 6 and 18, students must also complete:

Unit 5 – Enquiries into Current Research in Health and Social Care (Controlled Assessment: 120 Guided Learning Hours, 3 hour assessment)

In this unit, you will research a contemporary issue such as Free School Meal entitlement, 3 person embryo, or MMR vaccinations.  You will use different research methods to gather information and take into account ethical issues that need to be considered.  You will show how your findings may benefit service users or improve practice, and make recommendations for further research.

Unit 12 – Principles of Safe Practice in Health and Social Care (Coursework: 90 Guided Learning Hours)

This unit relates to safeguarding vulnerable individuals, promoting health and safety, and responding to different situations and emergency incidents in health and social care settings.  You will examine the types of abuse and neglect that service users can experience such as occurred in the Winterbourne View Care Home.  

Unit 13 – Promoting Public Health (Coursework: 90 Guided Learning Hours)

This unit will give you an understanding of how patterns of health and ill health of the population are monitored.  A current example is that of childhood obesity.  You will gain a greater understanding of how healthcare professionals and government agencies use public health initiatives to encourage individuals to change their behaviour in relation to their health. 

Unit 16 – Supporting Individuals with Additional Needs (Coursework: 60 Guided Learning Hours)

This unit aims to give you specialist knowledge that can be crucial to ensuring that those with additional needs meet their full potential.  You will explore the range of additional needs that are faced by individuals, considering the effects these needs have on their wellbeing, rights and access.  

Entry requirements

Entry Requirements:  A minimum of 5 GCSE A*-C grades including English language. 


Assessment: There are 4 units of work for the Single Award (Extended Certificate) and 8 units of work for the Double Award (Diploma).  The qualification single award is the equivalent of 1 A Level and the Diploma is the equivalent of 2 A Levels.

Single Award: 42% of the final grade is coursework assessed.  58% is external examination assessed.   (2 examinations and 2 portfolios of coursework)

Double Award: 54% of the final grade is coursework assessed.  46% is external examination assessed (2 examinations and 1 controlled assessment)

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Brighouse High School directly.

Last updated date: 08 January 2016
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1 year

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