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Computer Science A Level at Teignmouth Community School

Course description

The Computing course provides you with real, practical skills in computer programming, and knowledge about how to implement systems, as well as a good understanding of how computers actually work. It is a superb method of preparing for a very wide range of creative careers and improving your ability to think; logically and in the abstract. There are three units:

01: Computer systems; Structure and function of the processor, Types of processor, Input Output and storage, Software Systems, Application generation, Software Development, Types of programming language, Compression Encryption and Hashing, Databases, Networks, Web technologies, Data Types, Data Structures, Boolean Algebra, Computer related legislation, Moral and Ethical issues.

02: Algorithms and programming Thinking abstractly, Thinking ahead, Thinking procedurally, Thinking logically, Thinking concurrently, Programming techniques, Computational methods, Algorithms

03/04: Programming project Problem identification, Stakeholders, Research the problem, Specify the proposed solution, Decompose the problem, Describe the solution, Describe the approach to testing, Iterative development process, Testing to inform development, Testing to inform evaluation, Success of the solution, Describe the final product, Maintenance and development

Course content

Computer Science consists of learning procedural programming and solving a series of increasingly complex puzzles using computing constructs as well as learning about how data is coded and transmitted within computers and networks.

Entry requirements

An interest in solving puzzles is the main requirement, along with a GCSE grade B or better in GCSE Computing. Knowledge of your study skills will be another factor we will consider.

Future opportunities

Computing is, to the modern world, what engineering was to the industrial revolution. Few industries do not use computing, and the reach of the systems seems to be deepening all the time. Studying Computing will give you a very wide range of career paths.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Teignmouth Community School directly.

Last updated date: 02 May 2017

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