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Further Mathematics A Level at King Edward VI Community College

Course description

This course is equivalent to two A Levels. It will allow you to take Further Mathematics alongside A Level Maths. It involves studying many exciting new ideas. In Year 12, this involves studying Core 1, Core 2 (and beyond), three applied modules and a further pure module, FP1. This course is designed for students who enjoy exploring the world of mathematics and who have a real passion for the subject. It is particularly useful for anyone considering a career in maths, engineering, electronics, economics or accountancy.

Course content

The course is divided into two parts: Pure and Applied

Pure Maths is the study of algebra, trigonometry, geometry and calculus and is essential for both the understanding of the subject and to provide the tools to deal with real life applications

Applied Maths is the study of the way in which Maths is used in life and is offered in three areas:
• Statistics is the most familiar area as some of the concepts would have been studied at GCSE. Topics covered are probability, representing data and interpreting data.
• Mechanics is the most suitable for students taking Physics and important for anyone considering a career in engineering, design or architecture. Topics covered are Newton’s laws, forces and momentum
• Decision Maths is the study of algorithms for solving decision making problems.

The Further Maths FP1 pure module consists of new ‘stand-alone’ topics such as matrices, complex numbers, graphs, further algebra and proof by induction.

Entry requirements

Grade A or above in GCSE Maths


Through discussion, teacher-led exposition, individual study and group work, you will learn to analyse and solve problems. Further Maths will differ to normal Maths in that there will be more emphasis on problem solving: this is what universities are looking for in good mathematicians. Teaching is likely to be in a small dedicated group of students with a good teacher to pupil ratio. Some topics involve the use of graphical calculators and computers. Students of Further Mathematics will be expected to purchase their own graphical calculator. In Mathematics at Kennicott, it is expected that every student has an excellent work ethic. Not only will you be expected to focus on, and contribute to, class discussion, but a substantial amount of independent study will be required.

Future opportunities

A Level Further Maths, like A Level Maths, opens up a wide range of career options and recent research suggests that those who have a Maths A Level earn an average 10% higher income. Maths affects everything we do in our lives. It forms the basis for many other subjects and is fascinating in its own right. It can lead to a variety of fulfilling careers from engineering, design and architecture to philosophy, geography and even careers in music and the media.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact King Edward VI Community College directly.

Last updated date: 08 February 2017

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