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Mathematics AS & A Level at King George V College

Course description

At KGV you will study Pure Maths, including algebraic methods for solving equations and calculus - the mathematics of changing quantities. Your programme of study will include opportunities for learning Statistics, which includes methods that are used for analysing data in Economics, Psychology and the other Sciences; Mechanics, the study of motion and forces, which is the basis for Engineering and Ballistics; and Decision Maths, which involves solving problems using algorithms in much the same way that computer programs work. You will leave KGV with a broad transferable skill set including problem-solving, critical thinking and the ability to work independently. Many Maths students go on to study Maths, Engineering, Sciences and Medicine at University and work in Finance, Sciences and Engineering.

Course content

First Year

  • Pure Core 1: You will use algebra to investigate and solve topics such as quadratic equations; intersection of lines/curves: equations of perpendicular lines; gradients of curves with calculus and extending this to finding stationary points areas under curves.
  • Pure Core 2: You will extend your Core 1 knowledge and use algebra to solve topics such as solving quadratic trigonometric equations ; sums of series; transformations; exponentials and logarithms and more calculus involving terms expressed in negative or fractional powers.
  • Applied (Statistics 1 or Mechanics 1): Statistics applies your Pure knowledge to draw sensible conclusions from data collected in an uncertain world. You will solve problems like finding the chance of starting a game with a double six by probability or finding whether the results of a medical trial are significant by using Binomial or Normal distributions.  Mechanics applies your Pure knowledge to understand the way in which things move by studying the forces that act upon them. You will study topics like velocity and acceleration; collisions; friction between surfaces slowing motion down and the angle a free kick should be projected at to win the match.

Second Year

  • Pure Core 3: Calculus plays a big part of second year Pure and you will learn how to use differentiate and integrate lots of different functions and extend your skills in algebra and trigonometry further.
  • Pure Core 4: You will develop your algebraic skills further again in this module particularly with trigonometry and calculus and be introduced to geometry with vectors
  • Applied: Most students choose Decision 1 as their applied option in the second year to broaden their experience. This involves solving organisational problems by using algorithms like finding the shortest path from college to home or the minimum amount of tv cables to connect a number of houses. It may be possible to take Stats 2 or Mechanics 2 as an alternative if there is sufficient demand.

Entry requirements

A-level Maths at KGV is ideally suited to students who enjoyed Maths at high school and like the satisfaction of mastering new methods for solving problems. A good mathematician can apply techniques and knowledge they have already learned to new situations. The pace of learning can be challenging and students need to be dedicated and curious about learning new ideas.

Future opportunities

Maths A level is a bonus to any degree course as it shows you have logical and problem solving skills plus the determination to overcome obstacles. In the last few years, quite a number of our students have gone on to a Maths degree (at Oxford, Warwick, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham)  to give them more  career choices rather than specialising in Engineering or Finance at this stage at university.

In addition there are always a  sizeable number of our Maths students going on to Engineering, Medicine, Science and Finance courses. Some examples of destinations of our A* Maths students are Mechanical Engineering at Durham University , Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, Physics at the University of Manchester , Chemical Engineering at Leeds University, Medicine  at Liverpool University , Pharmacy at Cardiff University, Genetics at Sheffield University, Zoology at Liverpool University, Accounting and Finance at University of Manchester .

Further information

You will have the opportunity to take part in local and national maths competitions such as the UKMT Senior Challenge and the LMS Pop quiz. Trips to interesting, relevant talks such as the Maths Inspiration lectures, are also planned. Each week, every Maths class has an additional subject session where extra help on difficult topics is available to everyone.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact King George V College directly.

Last updated date: 23 September 2016

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