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Religious Studies A level **FEES PAYABLE** at Blackheath High School

Course description

Year 12 (AS)

The course explores some key themes in the philosophy of religion , including the cosmological argument for God as creator of the universe, religious experience, psychology and religion and the rise of atheism and postmodernism.

Ethics is the practical side of philosophy and 'Religion and Ethics 1' will explore some key themes that include Christion Ethics, utilitarianism and situation ethics as applied to issues of life and death: abortion and euthanasia.

Year 13 (A2)

There will be a choice of:

  • Ethics with a focus on Libertarianism, free will and determinism, Virtue Ethics looking at the views of Aristotle, MacIntyre and Foot.  Also religious views on sexual behaviour and human relationships as well as science and technology; looking at medical ethics relating to humans and animals
  • OR Philosophy with a focus on the Onatological argument and relationship between religion and faith, religious language, body and soul, personal identity and the problem of evil
  • OR World Religions with a focus on the foundations of Hinduism, Hindu dharma, Hinduism and society in the modern world and Hindu philosophy.

AND Religion and the Visual Arts within one or more religion(s).  These will include architecture, calligraphy and will refer to the works of two particular artists in depth.

This course will encourage you to get involved in sharing your opinions and presenting reasoned arguments in discussion.  Initially this may be in response to brainstorming, a video clip, or an extract from the work of a major thinker.  Personal development may come from giving a presentation, meeting an outside speaker, or considering different interpretations of an ancient writing.  To conclude and consolicate a topic, there could be a debate, a wall-display or an essay.  There are opportunities for out-of-school activities such as lectures and day conferences.


There is no coursework.  There are two exam papers at AS, and two at A level

Future opportunities

Philosophy and Ethics can lead into any kind of humanities degree course.  The qualities and skills it develops - a curious mind, reasoned debate and analysis - are recognised and valued by employers in careers such as law, politics, public relations, teaching, social work and psychological counselling.

The course gives students the opportunities to study ethical theory and applied bioethics, invaluable for those going on to careers in medicine, veterinary science, law and media.

The course gives students the opportunity to engage with different approaches to ethical decision-making.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Blackheath High School directly.

Last updated date: 26 August 2016

Key information

  • Start date: Next September