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Physics A2 at Queensbury School

Course description

The course studies physics using a variety of methods.  The course studied is the OCR Physics A Level course.

Course content

A2 Course Structure and Detail

The Newtonian World

This module examines ideas about motion, thermal physics and ideal gases.


  • Momentum – understanding motion and collisions.
  • Circular motion – how it is defined and how we calculate force and acceleration.
  • Gravitational fields – what are satellites and what orbits do they follow?
  • Oscillations – what is simple harmonic motion and the effect of damping.
  • Thermal physics – the meaning of temperature and calculating energy changes.
  • Ideal gases – how we measure them and how they behave.


Fields, particles and frontiers of physics

This module explores electric and magnetic fields, use of capacitors, nuclear physics, the physics behind diagnostic methods in medicine and the nature of the universe.

  • Electric and magnetic fields – quantify forces within the fields and how electricity is generated by
  • electromagnetic induction.
  • Capacitors – how they are used and analysis of their discharge.
  • Nuclear / atomic physics – What are the building blocks of atoms and how we achieve nuclear fission and fusion?
  • Medical physics – how some diagnostic methods such as CAT and MRI scans work.
  • The nature of the universe – how theories of the birth of the universe have evolved, the life and death of stars. How we measure the universe.


Practical Skills in Physics (A2)

This is internally assessed but externally moderated coursework component of the course.  Students will complete 3 set tasks that contribute to their grade. Skills can be set as many times as possible but individual experiments cannot be repeated once completed. 


  • Qualitative – simple measurements and trends from a practical.
  • Quantitative – more detailed measurements, graph drawing and detailed conclusions.
  • Evaluative – Looks at the quantitative task (the two go hand in hand) and evaluates the task in terms of accuracy, reliability and precision.





Entry requirements

To progress onto the second year of this course you will need to gain at leasat a pass grade from the AS course.


The course is an intensive course that requires a lot of self discipline and study if you wish to achieve the highest level. The A* is now offered but this is only assessed at A2 level.  to succeed in physics you will have proven maths skills, as well as practical science skills which will allow you to make the most accurate measurements.

A2 examinations will take place in June of year 13.

Future opportunities

Career Options: engineering, medicine, optometry, computing, design, architecture, forensics, law, journalism, marketing, accountancy, teaching, astronomy, material science, medical physics, dentistry (with chemistry).

Further information

Please contact Mr Easthope (Head of Physics) for further information.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Queensbury School directly.

Last updated date: 20 May 2014
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Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1 year