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History A Level at Wirral Grammar School for Boys

Course description

History is changing! Mr Gove, before leaving his post as Secretary of State for Education, put into motion a number of significant changes for our subject which all examination Boards have responded to with new specifications and forms of assessment. The History Department has been reviewing these documents. However, the two which remain under consideration produced by OCR and AQA, at the time of writing, have not yet received full accreditation from OfQual for either their AS or their A Level courses. Clearly, as a Department we do not wish to commit to an examination that is not finalised and for which we have not yet seen specimen papers. This obviously makes your decisions and choices extremely difficult but we would not want to mislead you at this vital stage in your school career. So, all we can do at present is will tell you what we do know about the new examination.

- You will have to cover an element of British History
- The course will probably cover an element of Russian History or International Relations post 1945.
- The course will have to cover a two hundred year period. If possible, this will probably be 1791-1991, as this is where teacher expertise and experience lies.
- If we cannot follow a course on these lines we will opt for a Tudor component as again there is teacher experience and expertise in this area.
- You will have to complete an independent enquiry which will be written up as an essay of approximately 3,500 words.
- The exam papers will be mainly essay based with an element of source work.
- There will be a thematic element within the course, covering a hundred year period. This is likely to cover the theme of war and peace making or Tudor Rebellions.
- You will be supported, as at GCSE, by a committed department throughout your A Level.

Whatever the courses finally chosen, the department will continue to aim to develop a love of the subject while helping pupils to gain a better knowledge and understanding of the world they live in. They will study the role of key figures from the past and major political, social, economic and cultural changes, within the chosen periods. Despite the overhaul of our subject instigated by Mr Gove, the subject will retain its fundamental nature and will continue to develop important skills such as the ability to analyse and evaluate sources, while also providing opportunities for pupils to develop their ability to write in a balanced, analytical and coherent manner.

Future opportunities

Many students from Wirral Grammar School have developed a life long love of History and gone on to study History and related disciplines at university. Others have found that the study of History is relevant to many career areas: the legal professions, civil service, tourism, local government, education, banking, retail, accountancy, commerce and journalism.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Wirral Grammar School for Boys directly.

Last updated date: 23 September 2015

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