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Drama and Theatre Studies A-Level at Kendrick Academy

Course description

The course demands academic, practical, creative and communication skills in almost equal measure. You will extend your ability to create drama and theatre, either in a performing or production role. You will also be required to write about drama and to develop your powers of analysis to become an informed critic. The course will involve taking part in drama productions, as well as studying plays and playwrights.

Course content

AS Unit 1 : Exploration of Drama and Theatre

Content summary: This unit introduces students to the content of plays written for the theatre. They will learn how to analyse plays in a variety of ways so that they become familiar with the way written plays can be interpreted for realisation in performance.

AS Unit 2: Theatre Text in Performance

Content summary: This unit offers students the chance to demonstrate skills in a performance environment. The knowledge and understanding gained during the study of two plays in Unit 1 can now be applied with a view to delivering a performance to an audience.

A2 Unit 3: Exploration of Dramatic Performance

Content summary: This unit requires the creation of a unique and original piece of theatre. The knowledge and understanding gained in the AS units can now be applied to a created production. Students will be assessed on both the process of creation and the finished product in the form of a performance to an invited audience.

A2 Unit 4: Theatre Text in Context

Content summary: This externally examined written unit requires the detailed study of one set play text and one prescribed historical period of theatrical development.


Unit 1: Assessment: This internally assessed unit requires students to explore two contrasting play texts, chosen by the centre, in a practical and active way. At least one of the plays must be explored in the light of a recognised theatre practitioner. A video/DVD of one session of the practical work is made for use in moderation. A set of Exploration Notes must be submitted. Students are also required to experience a live theatre performance and submit an evaluation.

Unit 2: Assessment: This is an externally assessed unit. The first section requires students to offer either a monologue or duologue. The second section requires students to contribute to a performance of a professionally published play by a known writer. Students may offer either acting or a design form and must also provide a concept of the interpretation of their chosen roles or designs.

Unit 3: Assessment: Students will be assessed on the research and development of their work as well as the final performance in front of an identified audience. They are also required to complete an evaluation on both the process and performance of their work. Written evidence will be required reflecting the research and development work as well as video/DVD evidence of a sample session of the developmental process and a video/DVD of the final performance.

Unit 4: Assessment: This externally assessed unit takes the form of a 2 hour and 30 minutes written paper in three sections. Sections A and B require students to explore one play, from a choice of three set play texts, from the point of view of a director in both an academic and practical way. In Section C a selection must be made of one from a choice of three historic periods of theatre history. A live performance of a play from the chosen period must be experienced and evaluated and a comparison made with the original staging conditions of the play.

Future opportunities

The skills you acquire in Drama and Theatre Studies AS and A-level are useful in any subject area you may study at University. While it can lead to further study in Drama, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts in Higher Education at degree or HND level, the study of Drama at this level complements a range of subjects. It builds confidence and improves presentation skills, which are needed in most careers. It can broaden your studies and of course, provides good grounding for a career in the performing arts industries.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Kendrick Academy directly.

Last updated date: 06 September 2016

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 2 Years