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Secion 1 - In this section you have to plan, perform and monitor and evaluate a health related exercise/training programme for a game.  You have to include a warm-up and warm-down.Section 2 - You will be assessed in 4 practical activties.  Which activities you do will be decided throughout the 2-year course.  You and your PE Teacher will choose your best practical activities.The practical assessment is divided into 5 parts called Skill Areas.Skill Area A - working to improve your personal performance, you will be assessed on how skilful you are in your 4 activities.  Skill Area B - assessment on how well you apply your skills when playing a game or performing a sequence.  Skill Area C - knowing the rules of all your activities and being assessed on how well you are able to referee or officiate in the activities.  Skill D - being the teacher or coach.  You have to be able to analyse your own and other person`s performance.  Skill Area E - taking on different roles such as captain, referee or coach.

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Objective 1 - Practical 60%/Objective 2 - Theory 40% - all the theory is closely connected to you as the performer and is divided into 4 parts.Section 1 - Health and Fitness, Diet, How the body works.Section 2 - The principles of training, physiological factors which affect your performance, technological developments, safety and risk assessment.Section 3 - How your school, friends, home or changing attitudes in society may influence your performance and participation in physical actvities.  You will study the leisure facilities in Daventry and the rest of the country.Section 4 - How Sport is affected by Social and Cultural attitudes.We will cover the important of the media, sponsorship and influences of Local and National Providers.   

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For further information contact - Mrs J Douglas/D Hill.

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If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Parker E-act Academy directly.

Last updated date: 26 May 2015
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