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Mathematics AS/A level at Heaton Manor School

Course description

Mathematics is a cornerstone in the study of many different subjects, but it is a course also worth studying in its own right whether it is to AS or A Level. It is challenging but interesting, building upon ideas first met at GCSE as well as introducing new ideas that have been arrived at by some of the greatest minds of all time. It is a highly respected and sought after qualification by both prospective employers and institutions of higher education.

AS or A Level Mathematics is a difficult option but an extremely rewarding one. You have to be fully committed and willing to work extremely hard. It is an excellent support for any number of other subjects, not just Science. There is a lot of imagination required at this level of Mathematics.

Course content

The modules available allow specialisation in three different branches of mathematics: Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics, but all contain some element of Pure Mathematics. When studying Pure Mathematics you will be extending your knowledge of such topics as algebra and trigonometry as well as learning some brand new ideas such as calculus. Mechanics will show you how to describe mathematically the motion of objects and how they respond to forces acting upon them. You will learn the techniques of mathematical modelling; that is, of turning a complicated physical problem into a simpler one that can be analysed and solved using mathematical methods and laws.

When you study Statistics you will learn how to summarise and analyse numerical data in order to make predictions and judgements. Many of the ideas that are met in these modules have applications in a wide range of other fields, from assessing what your car insurance is going to cost, to how likely it is that the earth is going to be flooded due to global warming in the next few centuries.

Entry requirements

Students will be expected to have achieved at least a grade B at GCSE Mathematics, having taken the higher tier examination. In addition, students entering this subject would be expected to have achieved a minimum of four B grades at GCSE.

Future opportunities

AS and A Level Mathematics are very valuable as supporting subjects to many areas including sciences, psychology, sociology and medical courses. Many institutions regard the discipline and logical approaches required in higher order problem solving skills, required at this level of mathematics, as proof of potential for future training, vocational or academic.

Higher Education courses or careers that either require AS or A Level mathematics or are strongly related include:

  •  Economics
  •  Medicine
  •  Architecture
  •  Engineering
  •  Accountancy
  •  Teaching
  •  Psychology
  •  Environmental Studies
  •  Computing
  •  Information Technology
  •  Sciences

There are also exciting opportunities to continue your study of Mathematics beyond A Level by following Mathematics at degree level and even beyond as a postgraduate getting involved in research and development work.

Further information

Core Mathematics

The Core Maths course has been purposely designed for post-16 students who have already achieved a grade C or B at GCSE Maths but do not wish to continue with any form of advanced maths after the age of 16. The course has been developed to support post-16 learners with mathematical and statistical needs of their academic and vocational programmes of study as well as to prepare them for higher education and/or employment.

A Levels such as Economics, Sciences, Geography and PE all have areas in them which require a degree of mathematical competence hence the Core Maths course is useful.

The course has been assigned UCAS points equivalent to an AS module so could be used to top up the totals gained in other subjects.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Heaton Manor School directly.

Last updated date: 25 July 2016

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