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Physics A Level at South Bromsgrove High

Course description

The new specification will cover very much the same material as before so the experience staff bring forward from the old specification will be very valuable. Past papers and from the old specification will be still valid.

Course content

Assessed in June on two papers, 50% each

All AS topics will be assessed in both papers, each 1hr. 30 min. Paper 2 will include questions on practical techniques, errors and data handling.

AS topics include:
1. Measurements and their errors including use of SI units and their prefixes, limitations of physical measurement, estimation of physical quantities
2. Particles and radiation including constituents of the atom, particle interactions, collisions of electrons with atoms
3. Waves including progressive waves, interference, diffraction
4. Mechanics and energy including projectile motion, Newton’s laws of motion
5. Electricity including current/voltage characteristics, circuits, electromotive force and internal resistance

Assessed in June on three written papers, 34%, 34% and 32%

All the AS content (Topics 1 – 5) will be examined in Paper 1 (2hrs) alongside periodic motion.
Paper 2 will exam Topics 6 – 8 (2 hrs.)
Paper 3 will cover Practical skills, data analysis and the optional topic.

6. Further mechanics and thermal physics, including periodic motion, thermal energy transfer, molecular kinetic theory model
7. Fields, including Newton’s law of gravitation, orbits of planets and satellites, magnetic flux density
8. Nuclear physics, including evidence for the nucleus, radioactive decay, nuclear instability

The optional topics is likely to be Turning Points in Physics.
As with AS there will be a list of prescribed practical activities which will be the basis of the Paper 3 exam.

Entry requirements

Grade B GCSE Physics, or BB Grades for Core Science and Additional Science. B grade essential in Maths at GCSE. If AS Mathematics is not taken along with Physics then students will be required to take the Level 3 Core Maths course (1 lesson a week)

Future opportunities

A qualification in physics is considered evidence of highly developed skills in problem solving, analytical and numeracy. Career areas include pure science, research, engineering, forensics, computing, finance, teaching, law

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact South Bromsgrove High directly.

Last updated date: 23 June 2015

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