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Psychology AS A2 at Prince William School

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Psychology underpins just about everything we do in our lives. Psychology is the study of the mind, behaviour and human experience. In psychology we try to answer fundamental questions such as: How can we reduce stress? Why could children’s day care be harmful? Why do we find some people attractive? The course aims to provide students with an understanding of the scientific method and develop critical skills and a sense of how psychology relates to real-life.Students will be expected to take an active and self-responsible role in their own learning as interactive and experiential activities are central to many of the teaching methods. These will include practical investigations, ICT activities and PowerPoint presentations, discussion, debate, role-play, student presentations, guided note taking, and methods that develop examinations skills and techniques.

Entry requirements

Students wishing to study this subject should have achieved a grade B or above in GCSE English or Science. Individual exceptions may be made.


The Psychology course consists of 6 modules, 3 at AS and 3 at A2. Every module can be taken twice and examinations take place in January and May/June. AS UNITS      3 hours exam, 16.67 % per unit of the total A level marksUnit 1:                  Cognitive and Developmental Psychology                      Memory and attachments in development. Applications include eyewitness   testimony and the effects of day care on children. Unit 2:               Physiological Psychology and Individual Differences   Stress and abnormality. Applications include stress management and eating disorders. Unit 3:           Social Psychology and Research Methods                         An understanding of how and why we conform to society and obey orders. A2 UNITSUnit 4:           1½ hours, 15% of the total A level marksThis is the options paper where three topics will be selected from options, such as Relationships, Social and Personality Development and Pro and Anti-Social Behaviour. Unit 5:           2 hours, 20% of the total A level marks                          This is the synoptic paper and tests students’ overarching knowledge of                           psychology. Topics include psychopathology, issues and approaches. Unit 6:           Coursework 15% of the total A level marks                          A psychological investigation into an area of own choosing.

Future opportunities

Psychology A level provides a relevant qualification for entry into Higher Education. It has many and varied applications that can lead into the fields of sports psychology and criminal psychology as well as the general field of mental health and psychiatry. It is also of considerable value for students wishing to pursue careers that involve working with people; these include teaching, law, research work, the police force, social work, marketing, journalism, media and all types of management positions.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Prince William School directly.

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