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Media CTEC at St Andrew's Catholic School

Course description

Year 12

Unit 1 - Analysing Media Products and Audiences :

  • Investigate a magazine publisher from their chosen sub-genre;
  • Analyse the target audience/demographics of the media product;
  • How is the product distributed and marketed;
  • Investigate the products impact on the audience.

Unit 2 - Planning and Pitching a Print-Based Media Product :

  • Research a print media product from the chosen sub genre;
  • Generate ideas based on the research conducted and collated;
  • Choose 2 appropriate ideas - create a proposal and provide sample pre-production materials;
  • Pitch the 2 appropriate ideas to an Editor and potential audience for feedback;
  • Feedback -produce a Production Plan for 1 of their ideas addressing certain criteria.

Unit 3 - Producing a Print-Based Media Product :

  • Pre-Production Materials (hand drawn drafts/mind maps) for a new music themed publication;
  • “Recce” for the Production Stages - resolve, solve potential issues; Produce a front cover and double page interview for a new music magazine (rough mock up, type up);
  • Final product (front cover and double page spread) -edited, manipulated, reflect on tools used - step-by-step.

Year 13

Unit 4 - Print Based Advertising Media :

  • Evaluate an existing campaign from the genre -analyse and evaluate a campaign from another platform as well;
  • Produce a plan for a new advertising campaign for the new magazine - schedule, proposal, launch dates, legal/ethical issues;
  • Plan the advertisement - generation of ideas, pre-production material and visualisations, production plan, budget, risk assessment and “recce”;
  • Deliver a presentation to a client, for the print based advertisement addressing the criteria above and cost;
  • Produce an original print-based advertisement to be used within a campaign.

Unit 5 - Graphic Design for Media Products :

  • Analyse a range of related graphic designs from a music festival promotional campaign;
  • Generate ideas for a festival campaign, flyer/poster/ticket for the New Music Magazine;
  • Present design ideas for an original media product (range of products) -get feedback from the audience in mind;
  • Plan for the production of 3 related graphic items -poster, flyer, ticket -budget, production plan with launch date, relevant legal issues;
  • Produce 3 final graphic designs for the music festival that simultaneously promotes the New Music Magazine.

Unit 6 - Social Media Products :

  • Analyse a range of social media products and a range of areas
  • Generate ideas for a social media website that will promote the New Magazine and/or Music Festival;
  • Plan the development of this new social media website -provide detailed planning, consideration of user/member needs;
  • Produce a design for a new social media website -2 pages, homepage and members page.


  • Unit 1 : Analysing media products and audiences
  • Unit 13 : Planning and pitching a print based media product
  • Unit 14 : Producing a print media product
  • Unit 30 : UK Media publishing
  • Unit 32 : Graphic design for media products
  • Unit 35 : Social media product

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact St Andrew's Catholic School directly.

Last updated date: 06 June 2016
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