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Geography A level at Wood Green School

Course description

A four unit A level.

• A versatile and relevant subject that focuses on the 21st Century with the rise of new superpowers and increasing global problems such as climate change and resource management

• Stresses the connections between the different aspects of Geography.

• Allows a balance between students’ own physical, human and/or environmental interests and key geographical topics.

• Designed to engage students and renew interest in the subject of Geography which offers so much to our understanding of our planet.

• Will help to develop key skills of investigative geography (fieldwork and research skills), powers of synopticity discussion, evaluation and decision making

• Will develop students that are critical and reflective learners, able to articulate opinions, suggest relevant new ideas and provide evidenced argument in a range of situations.


AS Paper 1 – Dynamic Landscapes – Tectonic Processes and Hazards and Coastal Landscapes and Change. 50% Paper 2 – Dynamic Places – Globalisation and Regenerating Cities. 50% Both papers may include multiple-choice questions, open response, calculations and resource-linked questions. The examination includes 9-mark and 12-mark extended writing questions. Fieldwork will also be tested on this paper.

A2 Paper 1 – Physical paper - 90 marks and 30% of course Paper 2 – Human paper - 90 marks and 30% of the course Both of these papers will be assessed using short open, open response and resource-linked questions. The examinations includes 10-mark and 15-mark extended writing questions Paper 3 – A synoptic paper - 1 hour and 45 minutes and worth 20%. The examination includes 6-mark, 15-mark and 18- mark extended writing questions Paper 4 – a 3000-4000 report worth 20%.

Future opportunities

Geography is one of the facilitating subjects and as such is suitable preparation for a wide range of university degree courses and employment opportunities. The analytical skills as well as the deeper understanding of all global issues are exceptionally advantageous for any employment opportunity.

“Geographers look at issues from a wide perspective and develop a range of skills which are attractive to a very broad range of future employers” (Prospects Graduate Careers website, 2014) such as: management and administration, further training, the financial sector, the retail sector and other professions.

Geography links particularly well with Economics, History, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Sociology. It links well with any A Level.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Wood Green School directly.

Last updated date: 06 September 2016

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      We are part of a consortium, our partner school being The Henry Box School in Witney.


      We have a taxi service, ferrying students between the two venues, at no cost to students.


      NB, there are two subjects that are jointly taught, ie students take lessons at both venues,  Maths and Further Maths;  you will see this on our options grid.