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French at New Mills School and Sixth Form

Course description

If you love talking to and understanding people you will love languages.

At A-Level, the routine of GCSE exam tasks transforms itself into an understanding of the underlying structure which enables you to be creative, give you the flexibility to be able to say what you want to say, and be able to write at a level of skill you would never have thought possible before you started. Students at the end of a year of A-Level language study are usually amazed at the progress they feel they have made since the start even where they have felt it is a big step up from year 11. We have a history of very high achievement at A2. 

The learning journey, also, gives you other skills and teaches you about yourself; you become more patient, thorough and persistent in your quest for linguistic competence. You pursue your curiosity to find the things you don't know and so you become more self-motivated and better at independent study. How many adults do you know, who say, "I wish I had learned a language," or "I wish I'd concentrated at school and could speak a language." How many people buy expensive courses to try and do just that, and here you are developing excellence for free! 

We are there with you every step of this joumey. Unlike other local institutions, we give you text books, a grammar book and an A-Level vocabulary book. We are here, on tap, all the time in school, to answer your queries and questions. We have great lessons in small groups, mainly conducted in the target language (with a few grammar exceptions, to make sure you understand). We take students on school trips, have French pen-pals, take you to the Corner House to see French films and attend University enrichment days. 


Future opportunities

Doing a language is demanding, but very rewarding. Most of our ex-students go on to study a language or two at university and all enjoy a year living in their countries, which in the case of French can be far-flung places, such as the Caribbean, or the Indian Ocean as well as mainland France.

Our ex-students have gone on to a variety of jobs; in business, the law, the Civil Service, interpreting at the EEC, an academic career pursuing a masters, or teaching abroad where the travel bug has hit. Commit to French and fly! The world is there waiting. 

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact New Mills School and Sixth Form directly.

Last updated date: 22 February 2017

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