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Physical Education at Ysgol Gyfun Dyffryn Teifi

Course description

The course integrates theory and practice in physical education and is concerned with developing and refining students’ physical competence in different contexts within physical activity and in different roles such as those of performer, leader and official. It enables students to maintain and develop their involvement and effectiveness in lifelong physical activity as part of a balanced healthy style.

Course content

UNIT 1 - PE1
Improving Performance in Physical Activity
UNIT 2 - PE2
Active Lifestyles and Physical Education
UNIT 3 - PE3
Exercise Health & Fitness
UNIT 4 - PE4
Optimal Performance


PE1 Internal Assessment -
Practical Performance (30% of AS)
Personal Performance Profile (10% of AS)
Coaching or Officiating (10% of AS)
PE2 External Assessment -
Compulsory structured questions plus
one question requiring extended writing
PE3 Internal Assessment -
Practical Performance (17.5%)
Investigative Research (7.5%)
PE4 External Assessment -
Section A - Compulstory structured
questions (15%)
Section B - One question requiring
extended writing from a choice of two (10%)

Future opportunities

College and University - to study subjects such as:- Health and Exercise, Health and Society, Sport Psychology, Sports and Leisure.
Careers - Teaching; Sports Management;
Coaching; Sports Medicine -
physiotherapist, osteopath, Journalism

Further information

 developing the skills and techniques they
require to perform effectively in physical
 applying and adapting a wide range of skills and techniques effectively in different
types of physical activity;
 developing and applying their skills in
different roles, such as performer, leader and official within physical activities;
 applying their skills in different contexts within a physical activity;
 developing their knowledge and
understanding of factors that enable them and others to be physically active:
 as part of a balanced lifestyle, and
 as part of a lifelong involvement in an
active and healthy lifestyle
 developing their knowledge and
understanding of the relationship between skill, strategy/composition, and body and mind readiness in ensuring effective and
efficient performance in their own and
others' roles such as performer, leader and
 understand how they and others make the most of the opportunities and pathways
available to be involved in physical activity;
 understand and critically evaluate how
contemporary products and consumer-
focused influences related to physical
activity affect and inform young people's decisions about being involved in a range of physical activities;
 understand and critically evaluate current key influences that might limit or
encourage young people's involvement in physical activity.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Ysgol Gyfun Dyffryn Teifi directly.

Last updated date: 31 July 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September