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French A Level at Upton Court Grammar School

Course description

The ever - increasing importance of foreign - language study is now widely recognised and reasonable fluency in a modern foreign language is often very useful in various areas of the business world and in many careers. By the time you have reached GCSE, your language skills are sufficiently developed for you to start tackling a much more advanced content. You will learn a host of new words, idioms and grammar rules which will enable you to develop genuine confidence in the manipulation of the language. You will study a variety of topics related to the culture and society of countries where French is spoken, as well as understand aspects of the political life in a French speaking country. The study of literary texts and films will also offer great opportunities to link with themes, including the changing nature of family, the ‘cyber society’, the place of voluntary work and many more. Students are suppor ted by the French Assistant who is a native speaker and, therefore, an expert in teaching the nuances of language. She will enable you to become more confident and fluent in speaking and will help you develop a high level of complexity by the end of the course. Independent studying, reading newspapers and magazines and watching films in the target language would be essential to consolidate your language skills.


We follow the AQA specification. There is no coursework. Like GCSE, you will be assessed in all four skills under the following format:

*Paper 1: Listening, Reading, Writing

*Paper 2: Writing (on the book and the movie studied)

*Paper 3: Speaking examination (discussion on a stimulus card and a presentation and discussion on an individual res earch project)

Main differences with GCSE:

- You will be controlling your own audio device for listening, therefore you can listen to the extracts as many times as you like.

- There will be two passages to be translated into French and English

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Upton Court Grammar School directly.

Last updated date: 08 September 2016

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