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Physics AS & A Level at Outwood Academy Newbold

Course description

Physics is EVERYTHING.

From the very smallest part of an atom, to the edges of the Universe, Physics is at the heart. From mobile phones to microwave ovens, hair dryers to space probes, when you delve deeper, it’s all Physics.

Physicists explore the fundamental nature of almost everything we know of. They probe the furthest reaches of the earth to study the smallest pieces of matter. Join us to enter a world deep beneath the surface of normal human experience.

Did you know that people with a Physics related degree (Pure Physics, Engineering or Astronomy) earn an average £20000 more per year than the national average?

Courses Available: AS Physics and A-Level Physics Physicists attempt to gain a fundamental understanding of why the universe and its contents behave the way they do.

By studying Physics at Advanced level you will develop and build on your current knowledge of what everything is made of and how objects move and interact. We will also study some of the phenomena which are not yet fully understood and are at the cutting edge of scientific research today.

Course content

  • Measurements and their errors
  • Particles and Radiation Waves
  • Mechanics and materials
  • Electricity
  • Further mechanics & thermal physics
  • Fields and their concequences
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Option Physics (as yet undecided)

Entry requirements

Grade B or above in both GCSE Science and Additional, plus a Grade B in Mathematics.


AS Level

  • Paper 1: 1hr 30min, 70 marks, accounts for 50% of the AS grade
  • Paper 2: 1hr 30min, 70 marks, accounts for 50% of the AS grade.
  • Both exams will cover all of the content

A Level

  • Paper 1: 2hr, 85 marks, cover sections 1-6, includes 25 multiple choice questions, accounts for 34% of the A-level
  • Paper 2: 2hr, 85 marks, cover sections 6-8 but includes synoptic questions, includes 25 multiple choice questions, accounts for 34% of the A-level.
  • Paper 3: 2hr, 80 marks, covers practical skills, data analysis and section 9, no multiple choice, accounts for 32% of the A-level

Future opportunities

Further opportunities: people who have studied Physics at advanced level have progressed to become physicists, geophysicists, aerospace engineers, medical researcher, surgeon, clinical scientist, solicitor, DJ, sound engineer, TV science advisor, TV producer, weather forecaster, jobs in the energy sector, architect, structural engineer, materials scientist, civil engineer, mechanical engineer, computer games designer, poker player, teacher, science journalist, accountant, finance/banking, actuary and many more.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Outwood Academy Newbold directly.

Last updated date: 11 October 2016
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