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Modern Foreign Languages French, German and Spanish A Level at Kingsmead School

Course description

Unit 1 - Spoken Expression and Response in the language consisting of an 8-10 minute oral exam done in May of Year 12.

Unit 2 - Understanding and Written Response in the studied language. This is a two and a half hour exam, broken down into Listening and Writing; Reading and Writing sections in May/ June of Year 12.

Unit 3 – Understanding and Spoken Response in the target language. An oral exam lasting 11-13 minutes in June of Year 13.

Unit 4 – Research Understanding and Written Response in the language chosen. This is a two and a half hour exam consisting of Translation into the target language; an Essay and a research-based Essay in June of Year 13.

Course content

AS Level

Youth Culture and Concerns:

Music and Fashion

Technology (e.g. MP3, blogs, mobile phones, internet, games)

Relationships (family/friendship and peer pressure)

Drink, Drugs, Sex

Lifestyle: Health and Fitness

Sport and Exercise

Food and Diet

Health Issues (e.g. Smoking, Skin Cancer, Health Services

The world around us: Travel, tourism, environmental issues and the French-speaking world

Tourist information, travel and transport

Weather (e.g. natural disasters, climate change)

Pollution and Recycling

Education and Employment

Education (schooling and higher education)

Education Policy and student issues

The Worold of Work (e.g. the changing work scene, job opportunities and unemployment)

A2 Level

AS Level Topics plus the following

Customs, traditions, beliefs and religions

National and international events: past, present and future

Literature and the arts

Research Based Essay

Geographical area (e.g. a religion or a city) - Key people, events and issues, customs, traditions, beliefs and relgions

Historical study: A specific period of history of particular relevance to the chosen country. Key people, events and issues from the period

Aspects of Modern French-speaking society - Key current and recent (21st century/late 20th century) events and issues (social, cultural and political) and their impact on society.

Literature and the arts - an in-depth study of French language text, play or film, demonstrating an understanding of different characters, key themes and issues, social and cultural setting and the styles/techniques employed

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Kingsmead School directly.

Last updated date: 21 April 2017
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