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Geography A Level at East Norfolk Sixth Form College

Course description

AS and A-Level Geography provide a dynamic, contemporary and exciting opportunity for students to engage with the world around them, drawing on issues that are relevant to a student’s own learning of the subject in a variety of contexts. With a focus on fieldwork to strengthen geographical skills gained at GCSE and delve more deeply into content, this gives a great opportunity for students to investigate an area of the specification that interests them.

Geography aims to encourage learners to develop a range of essential skills for Higher Education and the world of work through content which is relevant to any citizen of the planet in the 21st century. Through exciting topics learners will understand the nature of physical and human geography whilst unpicking the debates surrounding some of the challenges facing the world today.

Course content

AS Landscape and place

  • Coastal landscape
  • Changing spaces; making places
  • Fieldwork (2 days minimum)
  • Skills

AS Geographical Debates

  • Hazardous Earth
  • Skills

A2 Physical Systems

  • Landscape systems (Coastal landscapes)
  • Earth’s life support systems
  • Fieldwork (1 day minimum)
  • Skills

A2 Human interactions

  • Changing spaces; making places (case studies)
  • Global connections
  • Option A: Trade or B: Global migration
  • Option D: Power and borders or C: Human rights
  • Fieldwork (1 day minimum)
  • Skills

 Content of geographical debates

  • 2 from Hazardous Earth, Climate change, Disease dilemmas, Exploring oceans, Future of food

Investigative geography

  • 3000-4000 word report
  • From any part of specification
  • Minimum 2 further days fieldwork
  • Planning, purpose and introduction (8 marks)
  • Data, information collection methods and sampling framework. (7 marks)
  • Data presentation techniques. (9 marks)
  • Data analysis and explanation. (14 marks)
  • Conclusions and investigation evaluation. (12 marks)
  • Overall quality and communication of written work. (10 marks)

Entry requirements

C grade or better in GCSE English. Average GCSE score of 5.20 or higher. Grade C or better in GCSE Geography is desirable but not essential.


Awarding Body - OCR

AS Landscape and place (90 marks, 2 hour paper, 60% of AS level)

AS Geographical debates (60 marks, 1 hour 30 minutes paper, 40% of AS level)

A2 Physical systems (72 marks, 1 hour 45 minute paper, 24% of A-level)

A2 Human interactions (72 marks, 1 hour 45 minute paper, 24% of A-level)

A2 Content of geographical debates (96 marks, 2 hours 30 minute paper, 32% of A-level)

A2 Investigation (60 marks, 20% of A-level)

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact East Norfolk Sixth Form College directly.

Last updated date: 07 September 2016

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