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Film Studies A Level at South Bromsgrove High

Course description

Module 1 Title
Exploring Film Form 40% of A/S (Coursework)

Analysis of how mise en scene, performance, cinematography, sound and editing make meanings based on a chosen film clip.

A photographed storyboard based on a film sequence or short film.

Module 2 Title
British and American Film 30% of A/S (Exam)

Answer 3 questions, 1 from each section:
Section A- Response to 3 pieces of visual and written material based on producers and audiences
Section B– Topics in British Cinema – Swinging Britain (1963-1973)
Section C– US Film – Comparative study of 2 films – The Matrix and Cloverfield.

Module 3 Title
Film Research and Creative Projects 25% A Level (Coursework)

Small scale research project– For example, analyse 3 films on a star, genre, an issue such as social or gender related, linked to a film company or how technology has changed.
Creative project– produce a film extract, short film or screenplay along with written supporting material.

Module 4 Title
Varieties of Film Experience: Issues and Debates 25% of A Level (Exam)

Section A– World Cinema (answer 1 essay question from a choice of 2) Surrealism
Section B– Spectatorship Topics (answer 1 essay question from a choice of 2) Documentary
Section C– Critical Study ((answer 1 essay question from a choice of 3) Fight Club (Fincher, 1999)

Entry requirements

Students will need a Grade B at GCSE English Language, English Literature, Film Studies or Media.

Future opportunities

Suitable to go onto any university course which is either academic due to the research and essay skills required or a more creative course as students will experience video production and use of editing packages.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact South Bromsgrove High directly.

Last updated date: 23 June 2015

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