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Economics AS/A Level at Hazelwick School

Course description

Economics can help you appreciate the problems all societies face.  What should be produced?  How should it be produced?  Who should receive what is produced?  What can generate economic growth?  What problems does economic growth create?  What causes a recession?

The solutions to economic problems have great implications for all of us.  Today, more than ever, economies are affected not just be internal changes but by what is happening elsewhere in the world.  A global outlook is essential for the success of any economy.


Please note that you cannot opt for both Economics and Business.

Course content

Year 12

Component 1 microeconomics - enables students to discuss & evaluate how well this theory explains our observations of economic agents in the real world.  The theoretical workings of the free market provide a useful starting point for explanation & analysis. Imperfections & market failures povide a lead into the merits & drawbacks of government intervention & the usefulness of theory in explaining real observations.

Component 2 macroeconomics - will provide students with the technical & analytical tools required to understand how the macroeconomy functions on both the domestic & global levels.  The course encourages students to adopt a critical approach to their study of policy through understanding the limitations & conflicts that they present.  Policy approaches are also considered in a historica l context.

Year 13

Component 3 - focuses on themes iin economics.  The assessment is synoptic & will draw on content from both the microeconomics & macroeconomics components applied to particular themes. 

Entry requirements

Grade B in Business Studies (if taken at GCSE) or Grade 6 in English Language or English Literature (if not).  In both cases a Grade 6 in Mathematics is expected.


Paper 1 examines Component 1 - 2 hour written exam (33.3% of A level). 

Two sections:

A is data response questions (30 marks) & B comprises 2 essays from a choice of 4 (50 marks).

Paper 2 examines Component 2 - same format as Paper 1

Paper 3 examines Component 3 - same format as Paper 1

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Hazelwick School directly.

Last updated date: 27 November 2017
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