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COMPUTING A LEVEL at Queensmead School

Course description

There is a world out there just bursting with invention and opportunities and 90% of it is driven by a computer. The first part of your course will explore the basics. What is a computer? What is programming and data? How can a computer solve problems? This is where you learn that programming has languages of its own and learn how to give computers instructions to complete tasks. You will then switch on in the following year to the more advanced and complicated things computers can do. Techie topics like operating system development, software engineering and database design. The great thing is, because technology moves fast, there is always going to be new and interesting things to learn.

Course content

Computer fundamentals

  •  Hardware
  •  Software
  •  Data: structure and management
  •  Data transmission and networking

Implications of computer use

  •  Designing solutions to problems
  •  The structure of procedural programs
  •  Data types and data structures
  •  Facilities of procedural languages

Advanced computer theory

  •  The function of operating systems
  •  Computer architectures
  •  Data structures and manipulation
  •  High-level language programming
  •  Programming techniques

Computing project

  •  Definition, investigation and analysis
  •  Software development and testing
  •  Documentation
  •  Evaluation
  •  The written report

Entry requirements

The AS Level course in Computing requires previous experience of GCSE ICT or Computing. The candidate should have achieved at least a B grade in Computing or A in ICT. A good grasp of Mathematics is also expected and a grade A should have been achieved at GCSE.


Year 12 - 100% Exam

Year 13 – 50% Coursework, 50% Exam

Future opportunities

  •  Computer/video game development
  •  Information technology
  •  Computer engineering
  •  Mobile application development
  •  Computer forensics
  •  Robotics engineering
  •  Computer graphic design
  •  Software development and programming

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Queensmead School directly.

Last updated date: 06 May 2015

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