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ICT AS and A2 Level at Park House School

Course description

ICT helps students who wish to go on to higher education courses or employment where understanding how ICT can be used in society and business, and the implications of its use, will be a valuable asset. It also has much to offer the student who wants a basic grounding in ICT, as well as 'hands-on' practical experience of computers.

Course content

AS Course Summary
Unit 1 Practical Problem Solving in
the Digital World
50% of AS / 25% of A Level
Written paper (11/2 hours) externally marked
• Practical use of ICT, identifying, designing, producing, testing, documenting and evaluating solutions
• Data entry, storage, output of information, use of software, current health and safety regulations
Unit 2 Living in the Digital World
50% of AS / 25% of A Level
Written paper (11/2 hours) externally marked
by AQA
• ICT Systems, their components, uses, users, safety and security
• Data and information, data transfer, backup and recovery
A2 Course Summary
Unit 3 The Use of ICT in the Digital World
60% of A2 / 30% of A Level
Written paper (2 hours) (Section A will be based on pre-released material) externally marked by AQA
• Developments in technology, information needs of organisations, ICT systems, management of ICT
• Developing ICT systems, introducing larger ICT systems into organisations
• Training and supporting users of ICT
Unit 4 Coursework: Practical Issues Involved in the Use of ICT in the Digital World
40% of A2 / 20% of A Level
• Practical issues involved in managing the use of ICT in organisations
• Investigating, analysing, defining requirements
• Selecting and using appropriate technologies, designing solutions, methods for testing and installation, documentation and evaluation
Students must produce a report based upon their practical work / investigation.

Entry requirements

You should have at least a B grade in ICT or Computing at GCSE and a B in English Language. Students who have not studied GCSE Computing and not GCSE ICT will be expected to cover some extra work in preparation for the AS Level.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Park House School directly.

Last updated date: 15 August 2016

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