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Philosophy and Ethics A Level at Copleston High School

Course description

AS Level
Module 1:
Philosophy of Religion.
This covers Ancient Greek influences of Plato and Aristotle; Judaeo-Christian ideas of God as creator and scientific views of creation and evolution; arguments for belief in God and the challenge of the problem of evil. Philosophy of Religion will be a new subject as very little of it is covered at GCSE.

Module 2:
Some of the topics covered in Ethics are new to students; others will have been studied at GCSE level. Examples are abortion and euthanasia, which will now be covered in much more depth. Students will learn about Ethical Theories and will relate these to the practical Ethics topics.

A2 Level
Module 3:
Philosophy of Religion.
This covers such big questions such as: What is a human being? Is there life after death, and if so, how can we understand that? How can we use language to talk about God? Do miracles happen? What is God’s nature?

Module 4:
This includes in depth explorations of the human conscience, whether we are free or determined, how we use language to talk about ethical issues, and practical topics of sexual ethics, environmental and business ethics.

The Philosophy and Ethics A level course covers the big questions we all ask, such as, ‘Why is there evil?’ ‘How should we live?’ and ‘Does God exist?’ Questions which are dynamically relevant to real life. Students draw on and respond to the work of the greatest philosophers and Christian theologians, using skills of enquiry, evaluation
and empathy.

Entry requirements

4 AS levels – at least 5 grade Bs or equivalent in different GCSEs or other Level 2 courses. 3 AS levels – at least 5 grade Cs or equivalent in different GCSEs or other Level 2 courses. In addition, a grade C or above in GCSE Religious Studies and English. This is a locality course and cannot be taken with another locality subject.


Each module is assessed by an examination of one and a half hours. There is no coursework.

Future opportunities

The study of Philosophy teaches high level thinking skills which is excellent training for
future degree courses in any subject. This course combines very well with other Arts
subjects and is of particular benefit for students considering Law, History, English, Psychology, Geography and Business. Philosophy and Ethics provides a general preparation in skills suitable for many areas of employment.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Copleston High School directly.

Last updated date: 06 October 2016
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