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Art and Design A Level at Walker Technology College

Course description

A-level Art and Design is a highly creative subject where students are encouraged to experiment and develop their artistic ability through an exploration of both 2D and 3D creative media, materials and techniques. Students will work in the traditional subject medium of drawing, painting and sculpture, as well as being introduced to contemporary techniques such as digital and lens based working styles.

What units will I study?

During the AS year students will follow two main units of work:

Unit 1: Coursework portfolio.

The coursework portfolio involves two distinct projects that allow you to explore and personally investigate your own ideas based upon two separate starting points. You will be given two different questions, which will take you down two separate investigations - One project will be a 2D poster style piece of advertising and the second will be a 3D sculpture based project, however it is totally up to you what you choose to investigate and ultimately produce.

Unit 2: Externally set examination:

The examination project is your chance to demonstrate your creative skills and should complement your coursework portfolio. As an externally set project we never know what the starting point will be, however you do get the freedom to choose one of about seven questions to personally investigate and interpret. Your final outcome is 100% personalised and this is your chance to work with whatever media and material you think best showcases your creative abilities. The exam is carried out across a five week period, where you are have four weeks to plan and prepare your ideas followed by a five hour examination, where you must produce a conclusive outcome.

During the A2 year students will build upon their skills with in depth investigations:

Units 3 + 4:

These units follow on directly from your AS studies with two further coursework style projects and one final examination. However in the A-Level projects we expect to see a much greater level of skill and a more refined set of experimentations and outcomes. The final exam also allows you to produce a more in depth study as you receive a final 15 hour examination, which completes your course and portfolio.

What does the course involve?

  • Students are expected to undertake a detailed and personal investigation in each unit by exploring a diverse range of skills and techniques in order to creatively solve each unit brief.
  • Students must demonstrate an awareness and understanding of Artists, designers and crafts people throughout their studies and link their own developing ideas to such research.
  • Students are encouraged to experiment with a range of creative techniques in each unit that will help build essential and fundamental skills, such as observation drawing, visual communication, design layout, media and material control and application.
  • Students will work to unit deadlines throughout the course, producing a final outcome in each unit. Outcomes must be supported by a comprehensive sketchbook of work that clearly demonstrated the relevant skills, knowledge and understanding of each unit.

Endorsed Photography.

In addition to creative Art and Design we also offer an Endorsed Photography course, which is identical in every aspect to the Art and Design course in terms of the brief style projects and assessment. But the focus here is 100% on lens based media rather than experimenting with traditional art materials. Students are still expected to develop their artistic and creative skills and ability, but most importantly develop and demonstrate a range of specialist skills when using a lens.

This course is ideal if you know that you like being creative, but you feel that you lack the ability to work with more traditional art materials. On this course we teach you how to use digital cameras effectively, working with traditional SLR cameras and other specialised photography processes and techniques. We also teach you how to work in Photoshop to edit and enhance images for maximum impact when creating that perfect shot.

Endorsed Textiles.

In addition to our other creative courses our third specialism is the Endorsed Textiles course. Also identical in every aspect to the Art and Design course in terms of brief style projects and assessment, but the focus here is for students to develop and understand a range of specific and practical Design and Textiles skills.

Again this course is ideal if you know that you like being creative, but prefer the design aspect of art. On this course we teach you how to create your own designs, work with fabrics and textiles creatively and effectively and also how to use specialist equipment to produce high quality techniques that you can then apply to your own personal designs and creative outcomes.

What can I do after studying Art and Design, Photography or Textiles?

Many students go on to study Art and Design at university specialising in specific fields such as:

Fine Art, Graphic Design, Ceramics, Animation, Photography, Fashion Design and Website Design.

If you are unsure of what specialist area you are interested in studying at university - most also offer a Foundation year, which is a one year intense course in Art and Design, which normally offers a taster in all of the above.

Entry requirements

To apply for any of the creative courses you must have achieved a minimum of a C grade at GCSE in an based Art subject. Speak with Mr Jackson to ask questions or to find out an more information.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Walker Technology College directly.

Last updated date: 06 August 2014

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1-2 Years