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Product Design A Level at The Downs School

Course description

The subject builds upon the experience of GCSE and allows students to further their studies through Product Design. Students will have the opportunity to study, propose and realise prototype solutions through to designing and making opportunities that are closely linked to the real world of product/system manufacture. Innovation is at the heart of the course with opportunities to create original and innovative designs. We really want students to feel able to „let your mind go out to play‟, take design risks and rise to a challenge.

Course content

AS Level F521: Advanced Innovation Challenge- 40% of total AS marks - (20% of A-level) The Advanced Innovation challenge is a design challenge assessing candidates‟ ability to design and model a product and then reflect on their design concept. Marks will be awarded for innovation and originality. The exam is undertaken in two three-hour sessions over the period of one day and a one-hour reflective paper at a later date. The task assesses the candidates‟ ability to be innovative, demonstrate flair, work with materials and apply knowledge gained throughout their AS course.

F522: Product Study- 60% of the total AS marks - (30% of A-level) The Product Study is a coursework unit. It consists of product analysis and product development, prototype modeling and testing of an existing small item. It is not envisaged that this task will involve the complete redesign of an existing product, but rather identify opportunities for its further development or enhancement. A folder of A3 sheets including photographic evidence of the modelled outcomes is used for internal and moderated assessment.

A2 Level F523: Design, Make and Evaluate - 30% of total A-level Candidates are required to produce a coursework portfolio and product that fully demonstrates their designing, making and evaluation skills, using creativity, flair and innovation, which can be assessed against the Assessment Criteria. This unit is intended to draw upon and develop skills learnt in the AS units. The final project submitted for assessment should represent approximately 40 hours work.

F524: Product Design 20% of the total A Level This is a 2.5 hr written paper that consists of two components. Candidates will be able to select questions across the focus material areas as well as responding to design situations.

Entry requirements

At least a GRADE B at GCSE Resistant Materials, Graphic Products or Product Design.

Future opportunities

The skills developed in A-Level Product Design are required both by universities for various foundation or distinct courses and employers‟ apprenticeship or sponsorship schemes alike.

With good design practice, an innovative, creative mind and sound practical application, careers in Architecture, Automobile Development, Product Design in its many forms as well as Engineering, Manufacturing, Model Making, Civil Engineering, Animation and Town Planning are all options that can be, or have been, followed by our students.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Downs School directly.

Last updated date: 26 June 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1 - 2 Years