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Chemistry - A Level at Lordswood Sixth Form Centre

Course description

New linear A level

Course content

3.1 Physical chemistry

3.2 Inorganic chemistry

3.3 Organic chemistry

Entry requirements

BB grades in both core and additional science.

B grade in Chemistry with BB in Physics/Chemistry.

B grade minimum on higher paper in GCSE mathematics and GCSE English.


Examination (including practical skills) = (100%)

Future opportunities

A level chemistry is a highly valued qualification leading to many and varied careers. It is essential for anyone thinking of studying medicine at university or entering the medical profession in careers such as physiotherapy, medical sciences, and biochemistry. Dentistry, veterinary science and pharmacy, require students to gain a high grade in A level chemistry and there are many careers related directly to chemistry and science. The skills acquired through studying chemistry are also well recognised by other professions such as law, commerce, and banking.

Further information

What skills do I need to develop to be successful on this course?

The ability to analyse and interpret data is essential. The ability to apply knowledge and understanding to novel situations. Sound mathematical skills and an ability to evaluate and debate scientific issues that affect society.

What other subjects compliment A Level Chemistry?

Chemistry is a ‘facilitating’ A level subject which works well in combination with a wide range of subjects. Choosing facilitating subjects opens a wide range of courses for study at university. Chemistry students often study other science subjects which require a similar skills base such as biology, physics and mathematics. Chemistry complements biology really well and studying both subjects will reinforce understanding in both areas.

How will I be taught?

Whilst studying chemistry a variety of teaching strategies will be used, these include practical work, the use of animations and videos to demonstrate key ideas and the use of key websites. Knowledge and understanding of concepts is continually assessed using quick fire questions, quizzes, games as well as mini assessments. Students will be presented with novel situations and current research data which they will have to analyse and interpret. Students can expect plenty of discussion and debate around current research and scientific method. They will have the opportunity to develop presentation skills as they will have to explore an area of chemistry that excites them and present this to peers. Students will be fully supported by staff both during lessons and outside of lessons during tutorial sessions.

What extra-curricular opportunities are there?

Master classes.

University visits.

Chemistry factory.

Student Testimonial, why study A Level Chemistry?

I would strongly recommend studying A Level chemistry to students who have are enthusiastic about exploring scientific concepts from both organic and inorganic chemistry, and are particularly interested in how different chemicals react and how the products can be used in daily life. Chemistry is probably the most applicable A level science; you can read a label on a bottle of detergent or food item and realise how much you really understand about it through the knowledge you have developed throughout the A level course. Chemistry is ideal for students who enjoy being intellectually challenged, and are willing to use their initiative to read beyond the specification. The subject offers plenty of opportunities to carry out practical experiments, which I feel really enhances our understanding and encourages us to work independently. I feel from studying chemistry I have developed my problem solving and critical thinking skills, which have also benefited me in my other A levels. Chemistry A Level is highly respected by many universities as the skills you develop throughout the course are transferable to a variety of career choices, and would highly recommend studying the subject. Shanita Purewal

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Lordswood Sixth Form Centre directly.

Last updated date: 22 November 2015
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