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A Level Art and Design 3D Design at Beaconsfield High School

Course description

This course is based on non-examination assessment i.e. coursework. The course is split into four components. Component 1 and 2 are completed in Year 12 and component 3 and 4 in Year 13.

Course content

Component 1 - Portfolio
The portfolio projects in Year 12 and 13 are worth 60% of the A Level marks. This is a portfolio of work that spans over two internally set projects.

This project is based on London and is 18 weeks long. Pupils create two and three dimensional work which can be linked to product design, jewellery, body ornament, design for theatre, environmental design and architectural design.

During this period pupils will explore in detail a range of materials and processes including metalwork, modelling, printing and CAD/CAM in order to develop a personal response to the theme. It is expected that these detailed investigations will result in a final product.

Unit 2 – Externally Set Assignment
The externally set assignments in Year 12 and 13 are worth 40% of the A Level marks and consist of projects that are set externally by the exam board and supervised for 10/15 hours.

The supervised element focuses on the development of ideas and can take a variety of forms such as drawings, photographs, computer-aided designs, models and/or design sheets and will focus on one of the five allocated topics set by AQA.

Further information


  •  A selection of thoughtfully presented work that demonstrates the breadth and depth of the course of study. An understanding of working methods such as model-making, constructing and assembling also needs to be evident.
  •  Critical/contextual work which could include written materials, such as journals, reviews, reflections and evaluations, annotations and historical background material. Evidence gathered from a gallery/museum visit for example would also be appropriate.
  •  Extended projects, based on an idea which demonstrates the candidate’s ability to sustain work from an initial starting point through to a realisation. This work should include evidence of their ability to research, develop and link their work in a meaningful way to related materials.
  •  Work should demonstrate the use of appropriate tools and equipment
  •  Sketchbooks, workbooks and journals
  •  Candidates will need to carefully select, organise and present their work to ensure that they meet the required assessment criteria.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Beaconsfield High School directly.

Last updated date: 27 April 2015

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