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Law AS/A2 at Bideford College

Course description

The law of our country affects all of us in every aspect of our lives, day to day. Aspects of thelaw affect our social lives, for example what we are allowed to do at different ages and indifferent places. It affects our family lives as it sets out what is acceptable behaviour and it isthe law and lawyers who help us to sort out breakdown in the family such as separation anddivorce. At work, the law decides how we can conduct our businesses and handle our moneyand again, it tells us what is considered acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. During thiscourse, you will start to appreciate how our daily lives are controlled by the law and whathappens to those who break it.

On this course you will learn:

 How the English legal system works;

 How disputes can be resolved without going to court;

 What powers the police have;

 How sentences are decided upon;

 The work of the different people in the legal profession;

 How juries work;

 How Acts of Parliament can change the law;

 How offences are classified, for example murder, manslaughter, theft, burglary, criminaldamage.

Entry requirements

5 GCSEs A*-C, mainly As and Bs, including English Grade B.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Bideford College directly.

Last updated date: 20 May 2014

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 1-2 Years