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A Level ICT at The De La Salle Academy

Course description

As a department we are committed to providing excellent facilities and teaching staff to enable our students to achieve their potential. ICT is taught throughout the Key Stages allowing all of our students numerous opportunities to develop their skills and understanding in ICT.

Course content

At AS level students will have six lessons each week. Teaching is shared between Miss Mason and Mrs Gilland. At A2 level students will have six lessons each week with Mrs Gilland. The final grade will be based both on portfolio evidence (which is marked by school and moderated by OCR) and external assessments (which are set and marked by OCR). External assessments are 90 minutes and have pre-released case-study material and tasks to complete in preparation for the examination. This externally set unit is marked by OCR.

Course Content

  • Unit 1 – Using ICT to Communicate
    In this unit, learners use their presentation knowledge and skills to create a portfolio of different communications, including a presentation on different methods of communicating information and the technologies that support them. They will also compare a collection of standard documents used by organisations.
  • Unit 2 - How Organisations Use ICT
    In this unit, learners will study how organisations (including at least one large organisation) collect, disseminate and use information, how they manage the flow of information between sections or departments and the way they use ICT to access and exchange information. The unit will be assessed through an external assessment.
  • Unit 3 – ICT Solutions for Individuals and Society
    The World Wide Web allows individuals to access information on almost any topic imaginable. This access to information has had a fundamental effect on society and the way individuals live their lives. In this unit, learners will produce a presentation of the results of an investigation, including the use of a spreadsheet to analyse numeric data, along with a report on the sources and methods used to find information.
  • Unit 9 – Working to a Brief
    This unit is designed to help learners improve their own performance and working relationships through the planning, implementation, management and evaluation of an ICT project. Learners are issued with a Brief that is set by OCR.
  • Unit 11 – Interactive Multimedia Products
    Interactive multimedia products can play an important role in entertainment, education and in providing information. In this unit, learners will: research into interactive multimedia products; produce elements of interactive multimedia products; design and build an interactive, multimedia product to meet a client’s requirements; review their interactive multimedia product for its effectiveness in meeting the clients’ requirements.
  • Unit 14 – Developing and Creating Websites
    In this unit learners are required to use software to develop web pages to convey relevant information to website visitors. The use of the Internet and intranets has expanded rapidly over the last few years. Recently, there has been an increase in the need for people with the skills for planning, building and maintaining websites. This unit is designed to help develop these valuable skills.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The De La Salle Academy directly.

Last updated date: 26 June 2015

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