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Music at The Sixth Form College Solihull

Course description

This course develops the three essential aspects of music: performing, composing, and listening/appraising over two years.

Course content

Unit 1: Performing 30% Students perform one or more pieces in a concert at the College lasting for a minimum of 8 minutes.

Unit 2: Composing 30% This is organised in two parts:
1) A composition either to a brief or a free composition (40 marks)
2) A chorale harmonisation in the style of J.S.Bach (20 marks) Both parts must last in total at least 6 minutes.

Unit 3: Appraising 40% A two-hour examination in two parts. This exam covers a wide range of music genres and styles, each with three set works.
Section A: Areas of study and dictation (50 marks)
• Three questions related to the set works (audio and skeleton score provided).
• One short melody/rhythm completion exercise.
Section B: Extended response
• Two essay questions – essay one (20 marks) and essay two (30 marks)
• Essay one asks students to draw links from their study of the set works to the music heard as an unfamiliar extract.
• Essay two gives a choice of three questions that ask students to evaluate the musical elements, context and language of one set work. Each option will be from a different area of study.

Entry requirements

The majority of our students will choose to study 3 A level courses and will commit to these subjects for the full 2 years. Entry requirements for this programme are:

• At least two B grades or grade 6s at GCSE

• At least a further three C grades or grade 4s at GCSE 

• You should have at least a grade 4 or C grade in GCSE English Language and Mathematics.

There are a limited number of courses which you may be able to take with a minimum of a grade D or 3 in either English Language or Mathematics, and in this case you will need to retake this subject as part of your programme.

Please note that there may be additional entry requirements specific to particular courses – please check each course listing on our website carefully to ensure you understand these entry requirements.

4 A level Programme: Some very able students may choose to study 4 A level subjects. This will include all students who choose to study A level Further Mathematics, who will pick Mathematics, Further Mathematics and two other subjects. These students must commit to these 4 subjects for the full 2 years. Entry requirements for this programme are:

• At least 5 A/A* grades or grade 7’s at GCSE 

• You should have at least a grade 6 or B grade in GCSE English Language and Mathematics.

• Students picking Mathematics and Further Mathematics will need to get at least a grade 7 in GCSE Mathematics.

There are subject specific entry requirements for this course - Grade C or above in GCSE Music, if taken. Playing an instrument/singing to Grade 5 standard or above is essential: a certificate confirming achievement of at least Grade 5 must be brought to interview. Students who believe they are at this standard but have not yet passed the exam can audition at enrolment instead. Students need to be able to read stave notation (treble and/or bass clef) fluently. An interest and open-minded approach to all styles of music, as well as an ability to compose and write about music (to GCSE standard) would help.


Performance (30%) – completed during the course and externally examined.
Composition (30%) – completed during the course and externally examined.
Appraising exam (40%) - externally examined.
Examining Board – Edexcel.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact The Sixth Form College Solihull directly.

Last updated date: 17 October 2016
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