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Classical Civilization A Level at La Sainte Union Catholic Secondary School

Course description


CC2 Homer’s Odyssey and Society

The principal focus of this course is the literature, society and values of Homeric Greece. An understanding of the role of the gods, heroism, xenia (hospitality) in epic poetry, as well as moral concepts such as justice and revenge, is required for success in the exam.

CC4 Greek Tragedy in its context

The principal focus of this course is the literature, society and values of 5th Century Athens. An understanding of the tragic genre and the role of the gods in Greek Tragedy is required as well as the importance of dramatic festivals.



CC10 Virgil and the world of the hero

The principal focus of this course is the literature, society and values of Virgil’s Rome, with reference also to Homer’s Iliad. An understanding of the literary techniques of Epic poetry is needed, as is an awareness of the political context of the Aeneid.

CC7 Roman Britain: life in the outpost of the Empire

This course examines the impact of the Romans on Britain during the 400 years of Roman occupation. It will require an understanding of Britain’s place within the Empire, the Celtic society that the Romans found on arrival and the extent to which aspects of Celtic British life, such as religion, art and social organisation, were affected by Roman attitudes and actions.

Entry requirements

6 or above in English literature.

An interest in literature. Please note that 75% of this course involves the study of literature.

Future opportunities

Students of classical civilisation continue into a wide range of degree courses which develop their understanding of the classical world. Students from LaSWAP have also gone on to pursue degrees in a wide range of subjects, including archaeology, medicine, languages and architecture. Classics graduates are successful in every area of life, for example, business, politics, journalism and education.

A large proportion of students continue to study classics or other related subjects at universities. For 2015 this includes Kings, Edinburgh and Exeter.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact La Sainte Union Catholic Secondary School directly.

Last updated date: 17 February 2017
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