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History A Level at Carmel College

Course description

History is a fascinating and challenging subject. You will be looking at massive changes and analysing why they happened. It is not just an account of the past but an investigation of why things happened the way they did. If you have an enquiring mind and enjoy arguments this is the subject for you. Be a part of the thriving, lively and successful department and learn about events that have shaped the world you live in and the people and circumstances that shaped these events.

Course content

Your A Level final grade is based on 2 exams taken at the end of the two year course, in addition to the Historical Investigation which is completed in the first term.

Component 1 (Breadth study – 100 years) Britain, 1851-1964. Exam assessed and 40% of overall mark.

Component 2 (Depth study) USA: Conflict at Home and Abroad, 1945-1980 (US Civil Rights, 1945-76 & America and Vietnam, 1945-1975). Exam assessed and 40% of overall mark.

Component 3 (Historical investigation) You will complete a historical investigation which will cover Liverpool and the Atlantic Slave Trade 1700-1807. Assessed 3,500 word coursework essay and 20% of overall mark.

Entry requirements

You will need GCSE grade B in History or Humanities (if studied) or grade B in English Language.


Exam Board - AQA

Future opportunities

History is a very versatile subject. Of course you can, and we hope you will, progress to a History or a History related degree (for example Politics, Archaeology or American Studies). Such a degree can lead to career opportunities that are broader than you may think; for example, law, television, research, politics, journalism, publishing, business and management… the list is endless!

Regardless of your future career, an interest in History demonstrates to a future employer that you are open-minded, can make decisions based on evidence, and are interested in the world around you. You will also develop transferable skills such as analysis, evaluation, organisation and presentation of information orally and in written form.

Further information

What support will I receive?

Throughout your course you will be supported fully by the department both in and out of the classroom. Lessons will be varied to suit different learning styles and there will always be opportunities for questioning, reinforcement and individual help. If individual problems with content or skills are identified, then individual or group tutorials will be available on a weekly basis or you may ask for help at a different time. You will be given your own “minimum expected grade” very early on and this will enable you to see if you are progressing to the best of your ability and set targets. All work is marked thoroughly showing clearly what you should do to improve your grade. Poor scoring work can be resubmitted.

Stretch & Challenge

Whilst we aim to stretch and challenge all of our students, the History Department offers a programme to ensure that our top students are challenged as much by the subject as our less able students. This includes:

  • Gifted and Talented material available on Connect, specifically colour coded
  • A* exemplar materials used as part of the assessment feedback process
  • ‘Go Further’ tasks integral to lesson planning and home learning 
  • Tutorials/ seminars targeted at potential A* candidates
  •  Links with former History students who are studying / have studied at Russell Group universities – those students are invited in at the end of L6th, after the exams, to talk to History students.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Carmel College directly.

Last updated date: 05 September 2016

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