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PE AS/A Level at Helsby High School

Course description

Why should I choose PE ?
Sport & fitness is a huge industry… and you can be part of it. If you’re keen on sport you can make a healthy living from your passion. Whether that’s working for a football club, as a personal trainer at the local gym, or training to be a physiotherapist, there are lots of opportunities. From professional sport through to amateur teams and individuals who just want to get in shape, sport and fitness is a fast-growing business. Best of all, you could be in a career doing something that you love.


Course content

In the first year there are two main study topics. The first of these covers the beneficial effects of a healthy lifestyle and includes subjects such as the physiological effects of exercise and how people acquire sports skills. In the second study topic you’ll learn how to analyse and evaluate an athletes performance, how to improve performance, and the factors affecting gaining new skills.

In the second year you’ll have two main study topics again.  The first continues with the theme of optimising the performance of an athlete. This includes how physiology can improve performance for elite athletes, as well as studying the important topics within sport today. The second study topic looks at performance in competitive situations. This includes the observation and analysis of weaknesses, along with ways of correcting any errors the athlete is making.


In the first year you’ll have two assessments. The first is a written paper which covers the first study topic of the year. This paper accounts for 60% of your marks for the year. The second assessment is a practical exercise where you will marked as a player and/or coach and/or official, depending on your personal goals. This practical assessment is based on the second study topic of the year and accounts for 40% of your marks for the year. A pass is recognised with an AS level.

The assessment for the second year is the same. A two hour paper on the first study topic of the year accounts for 60%of your marks. Then a practical performance in a competitive situation as a coach, official or performer, along with your oral and written presentation on how to correct weaknesses in an athlete, will account for the remaining 40% of marks.

Further information

PE goes well with other subjects. If you want a career in physical education you might also consider courses like Human  Biology. But no matter what your career ambition, if you are passionate about sport, this course is great to take alongside other topics.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Helsby High School directly.

Last updated date: 21 July 2016

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