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Mathematics A Level and Further Mathematics A Level at Lady Manners School

Course description

A Level and AS Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics are undergoing a thorough review and as such the course from 2017 will have a completely new structure.

Draft specifications have been submitted for approval by the three exam boards; all of which have similar initial proposals and layout.

As with other A Level subjects, a key confirmed fundamental of the new course is the “decoupling” of A Level from AS with all exams being sat at the end of the respective course.

At the time of writing information regarding the final subject content of each course, although submitted in draft form, has yet to be confirmed.

Course content

The favoured assessment model is based on the following structure:

A Level Mathematics: 3 written papers covering core mathematics, mechanics, and statistics. 

A Level Further Mathematics: 3 written papers with 2 exams covering core mathematics and further pure mathematics, with the third potentially being made up of options out of combinations of mechanics, statistics and decision mathematics.

Subject content specifics for all four course options are also currently being submitted for approval and are therefore also subject to change. However a summary of the proposed content is as follows:

  • Core Mathematics: elements from Calculus, Algebra and Functions, Trigonometry, Sequences and Series.
  • Further Pure Mathematics: elements from Further Calculus, Hyperbolic functions, Differential equations, Vectors, Matrices and Polar Coordinates.
  • Mechanics: elements from Kinematics, Forces and Newton’s laws, Moments, Work / Energy & Power and Centres of Mass
  • Statistics: elements from Statistical Sampling, Data Presentation, Probability and Hypothesis testing.
  • Decision Maths: elements from Network Flows, Linear Programming, Critical Path Analysis and Game Theory for zero-sum games.

The initial proposals for individual topics of study can be seen in more detailed form via the websites of the three examining boards (Edexcel, AQA and OCR).

Once again, it has yet to be finalised. However it is likely that the class and lesson structure will follow the model set up for the current A Level. This would result in each single A Level/AS Level class being taught by two teachers with four “double” lessons per week.

In comparison the Further Maths course will be taken by three teachers and be allocated six lessons per week. We will aim to further support all abilities of Year 12 and 13 students through a programme of additional lunchtime drop-in sessions, enrichment activities (run by local universities) plus support sessions for students interested in applying for STEP exams.

Further detail and clarification is expected in the Autumn term 2016 from which point we will be able to give more accurate details of course content along with the final layout to the assessment structure.

Entry requirements

Grade Requirement for A Level Mathematics: Grade 5 or above in GCSE Mathematics is required, although a Grade 6 is desirable.

Grade Requirement for A Level Further Mathematics: Grade 7 or 8 in GCSE Mathematics

Further information

The Lady Manners Department of Mathematics has always been extremely successful and has a proven track record of teaching at A Level. In 2015 84% of our Year 13 Maths A Level students and 75% of our Further Maths A Level students achieved a grade A* - C. 

A high proportion of our students have gone on to study either maths, or a maths related subject, at a range of high profile universities. 

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Lady Manners School directly.

Last updated date: 20 January 2017

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