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A Level French at Royal Latin School

Course description

French at AS and A2 offers the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the French language and culture. It suits those who have enjoyed studying languages at GCSE level and who have an interest in deepening their knowledge of French society, culture and civilisation and can combine well with many other subjects such as English, Law, Media, History and other Modern Foreign Languages or with subjects such as Science, Maths, and Technology to give breadth in Year Twelve. It develops all four linguistic skills and the ability to analyse and present clear arguments. It is a valuable choice for those thinking of degrees and careers in a variety of spheres; the modular nature of many university courses makes it possible to combine the study of French with any number of Arts and Science degrees.

Course content

Year 1: You will study two units. Unit 1 is Speaking - role play and discussion of a topic. Unit 2 is Listening, Reading and Writing. In this unit pupils have to understand the stimulus material and respond in writing to tasks in French. Please see the Modern Languages handout for more information about the topics studied in Year 1/AS.

Year 2: The course consists of a further two units. Unit 3 is the oral component – discussion of an article and a topic. Unit 4 is listening, reading and writing. In this unit pupils have to understand the stimulus material and respond in writing to tasks in French and in English and write an essay based on research undertaken relating to an aspect of a French speaking society/culture. (Please see the handout for the topics studied in Year 2/A2)

The teaching is either shared between two teachers or conducted by one teacher. Students will need to undertake additional background reading and research to prepare for discussions in lessons and to write essays. Students also need to attend an extra 30 minute conversation lesson with the French language assistant.

Entry requirements

We will normally require students to have taken Higher Tier papers in all four skill areas and achieved a very high GCSE grade. Grade B is an absolute minimum entry requirement, though most students have an A* or A grade at GCSE. You will need to have studied grammar extensively and have a sound knowledge of the grammatical structures of the language and a broad vocabulary. You must be able to manipulate the language and use it for the purpose of everyday communication. An interest in current affairs is also a great asset.


Assessment is by examination. Students are entered for both AS modules in May/June of Year Twelve. In Year Thirteen, students sit the two A2 units in May/June. Vocabulary learning is an essential requirement and will be tested on a regular basis.

Further information

Students attending Tasetr Day may be given reading or research in preparation for the start of the course. The department offers to students the opportunity to take part in an exchange with a French school.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Royal Latin School directly.

Last updated date: 27 April 2015

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