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A Level Psychology at Garth Hill College

Course description

If you are in any way interested in what makes people ‘tick’ this is the subject for you.

We look at how your memory works and how to improve it. We consider whether your first relationship with your mum (or primary caregiver) forms the basis for all later relationships. We question what is ‘normal’? We also look at how psychologists research these things, and how to do it ethically.

We consider further questions such as: Why do people obey? What makes us conform or do what our friends do? What makes people aggressive? Why do we prefer certain types of food? Are there ghosts and do Psychic mediums really make contact with the ‘other side’? Why do we sleep? Is sleep an evolutionary ‘hangover’?

If this sounds interesting, speak to Mrs Rumble, Mr Smith or Mr Peal to find out more! If this is not enough, you can even spend Saturday mornings revising Psychology in a novel manner. Dressing up isn’t compulsory but it makes the staff laugh.

Course content

Content of the AS course

  •  Cognitive psychology (memory)
  •  Biological psychology (stress)
  •  Social psychology (social influence)
  •  Developmental psychology (attachment)
  •  Individual differences (defining abnormality and introduction to therapies)  Research methods (principles, methods and ethical issues)

Content of the A2 course

Topics in Psychology

  •  Biological rhythms and sleep
  •  Eating behaviour
  •  Aggression

Psychopathology, Psychology in Action and Research Methods
(1) Development and knowledge of one disorder (characteristics, issues, theories and treatments) (e.g. schizophrenia)
(2) Anomalistic psychology
(3) Advanced empiricism and methodology including inferential statistical analysis

Entry requirements

  •  Good fundamental literacy and numeracy skills – English and Biology GCSE at B and Maths GCSE at C are essential.
  •  The ability to read material critically and evaluate it thoughtfully.
  •  Some confidence with handling data and using simple statistical information.
  •  Genuine enthusiasm to explore human thinking and behaviour from different perspectives.
  •  Many employers value the skills, knowledge and personal development acquired through the study of psychology at GCE and graduate level.


Assessment by examination:
June 2014 PSYA1 and PSYA2
June 2015 PSYA3 and PSYA4

Future opportunities

The study of psychology is relevant to many careers outside the specialised field of psychology, such as teaching, social work, armed forces and the police, advertising and commerce, journalism, public relations, ancillary medical careers and legal services.

Professional careers in psychology, which will require postgraduate training, include teaching and research, psychotherapy, clinical, counselling, health, forensic, occupational and educational psychology.

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Garth Hill College directly.

Last updated date: 27 April 2015

Key information

  • Start date: Next September
  • Duration: 2 Years


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