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Information and Communication Technology A Level at Wirral Grammar School for Boys

Course description

The overall aim of this course is to encourage students to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of ICT and to provide the knowledge and skills suitable for participation in an evolving information-based society. The course provides a focus to develop these skills whilst ensuring that candidates acquire a sound knowledge of ICT.

The ICT AS and Advanced GCE courses offer a coherent learning pathway through a series of units involving written examinations and coursework whilst developing skills and attitudes to address the social and ethical issues of technological advancements.

Course content

Module 1 (G061) Information, Systems and Applications

- Data, information, knowledge and processing
- Software and hardware components of an information system
- Characteristics of standard applications software and application areas
- Spreadsheets concepts
- Relational database concepts
- Applications software used for presentation and communication of data
- The role and impact of ICT – legal, moral and social issues

Module 2 (G062) Structured practical ICT tasks

- The students will tackle task-related projects. The solution will require students to work on generic software applications using facilities within the package.
- This module covers basic knowledge and understanding as well as skills.
o Design
o Software Development
o Testing
o Documentation


Module 3 (G063) Communications Technology and its application

- The systems cycle
- Designing computer based information systems
- Networks and communications
- Applications of ICT
- Implementing computer-based information systems
- Implications of ICT

Module 4 (G064) Coursework – ICT Project

- The ICT project will require students to identify and research a realistic problem which they can develop for a real end-user. The project will be of a substantial nature and will require the integration of many of the concepts learnt on the course. The solution will require the appropriate usage of a range of advanced features and facilities of several generic software packages. Full documentation for the implementation and running of the system must be produced.


Assessment is designed to give credit for what students can do as well as what they know. AS coursework is tested through Structured Practical ICT Tasks which are set by OCR. A2 coursework is tested through an ICT Project, which requires candidates to develop an ICT solution to a real-life problem.

Future opportunities

Candidates are given the opportunity to develop interpersonal, academic and technical skills, which will help them to meet career challenges in the future.

Students will find this course helpful to pursue further courses or employment that involve Business and ICT, Project Management, Creating Software and problem solving

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Wirral Grammar School for Boys directly.

Last updated date: 23 September 2015

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