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Mathematics at Goffs School

Course description

The course offers the opportunity for students to study a wide range of mathematical topics. Below are some examples of questions to give you a flavour of the course.

This is an example of a question based on the sequences section from the Pure Maths topics. The answers could be obtained by writing out all the amounts and adding them up but there is a quicker way of finding the answers using formula:

“John is given an interest free loan to buy a second hand car. He repays the loan in monthly instalments. He repays £20 the first month, £22 the second month and the repayments continue to rise by £2 per month until the loan is repaid. Given that the final monthly repayment is £114,

  1. Show that the number of months it will take John to repay the loan is 48,
  2. Find the amount, in pounds, of the loan.”

This is an example of a question based on the Statistics 1 module:

“A gambler has 4 packs of cards each of which is well shuffled and has equal numbers of red, green and blue cards. For each turn he pays £2 and draws a card from each pack. He wins £3 if he gets 2 red cards, £5 if he gets 3 red cards and £10 if he gets 4 red cards.

  1. What are the probabilities of his drawing 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 red cards?
  2. What is the expectation of his winnings (to the nearest 10p)?”

This course will suit students who enjoy maths and gain a sense of achievement from tackling and working through complex problems.  It will also complement other A Level studies such as Geography, Economics or any of the Sciences.

Future opportunities

Mathematics and the skills learnt from the course are used in many areas of employment.  Research and development requires analytical skills, the business world needs problem solving skills and engineering requires a logical approach and reasoning skills. 


Students wishing to take the subject further have a vast range of university courses available to them including Pure Maths, Statistics, Decision Maths, Artificial Intelligence and any form of computer studies.  Mathematics may also be a requirement for some degree courses e.g. Engineering or Economics (BSc).  People with Mathematics degrees can earn £250,000 more over their working lifetime (teaching is the exception to the rule!).

How to apply

If you want to apply for this course, you will need to contact Goffs School directly.

Last updated date: 25 November 2016
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